Free view and sky dish

Hey team.
Using a sky dish to receive free view.
Did an auto scan on the dish tv box, and can only get TV3 channels and prime.
TV1 and 2 etc are there, just doesn't show.
Google says I need to turn the LDB? Is this true? What am I missing?


geek_tom9, Jun 16, 5:11 pm

What model is the Dish TV box ?
The LNB may be failing or drifting try 10745 instead of 10750 or 11295 instead of 11300 in the LNB setup.

geek_blenheim-trader, Jun 16, 5:56 pm

Rotate the LNB. to 4pm rather than vertical.
reset the freeview to as above ;; 10750 which is what SKY LNB use.

geek_5425, Aug 14, 4:15 pm

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