Windows 10

sarah1955, Jun 28, 4:37am
I am running windows 8.1.1 and hear that is best to create a system image backup before installing Windows 10.
Is this easy to do?

r.g.nixon, Jun 28, 5:26am
Yes. There may be a built in option to do it, hidden in the depths, but I prefer Macrium Reflect. The free version is fine for that. Create a rescue CD also, as you will need to boot from that to do the restore (if needed).

sarah1955, Jun 28, 5:53am
Thanks, do I backup to an external hard drive and do I just burn it onto a CD to create a rescue CD , sorry not sure what to do?

r.g.nixon, Jun 28, 5:56am
An 'image' of your boot drive will not fit on anything but another drive.
The rescue CD contains a small operating system that understands how to load and restore the image you made.

r.g.nixon, Jun 28, 5:57am
Macrium Reflect will prompt you to make such a CD, which it can do at any time via one of it's options.

sarah1955, Jun 28, 8:30am
Thanks, much clearer now as to what to do.

chnman, Jul 14, 4:14pm
The latest free version of Macrium Reflect (version 6) can do restore without a rescue disc it seems.

"You can now add a boot menu so you can easily restore a system image without inserting rescue media.".

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