Just bought a samsung galaxy s5 phone

kiwigirl01, Apr 24, 9:04am
The icons ate toooo big how do I change it please TIA

miskip, Apr 24, 9:06am
Go into settings and change font size

miskip, Apr 24, 9:07am
It's in display the font size

suicidemonkey, Apr 24, 9:08am
You can't change the icon size with the stock launcher. At least you couldn't the last time I used Touchwiz.

rz_zone, Apr 24, 9:09am
Icons or widgets?

stevo2, Jan 18, 3:25pm
Sounds like you may be in "Easy Mode". Go to settings, scroll down to personalisation then "Easy Mode" Check "Standard Mode" then "Done"

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