App for watching Smart Tv Via tablet or IPhone

dbolton, Apr 6, 6:10am
I was fiddling around with my smart TV last night and clicked on the You Tube app on the smart TV. Up popped a message telling me if I wanted to watch it via Iphone to input the a pin number dispalyed on screen and go to the You tube/pin website on my phone and put in the displayed pin number. It worked great and watched a full length movie on the TV conrolling everything from the IPhone. Now! I had never heard of this before . It only worked on You Tube. Is there any other stuff out there that enables me to watch anything direct from the Iphone without the aid of say Chromecast. My TV is a Samsung would a samsung smart phone have an app to do other similar stuff.

flower_tears, Apr 6, 1:03pm
Check if your TV is DLNA and Miracast certified, then yes you can use your smartphone to show almost anything on your TV by using the right apps (e.g BubbleUPnP for Android devices)

nextstop, Mar 18, 4:27pm
Get apple tv, then you can airplay straight from your iPhone, easy peasy.

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