Can I use my Macbook pro in USA?

devine-spark, Mar 30, 10:21pm
They have different power I think. Not sure if it is safe to take my laptop with me, but I have work to do and would be lost without it.
What to do?

gibler, Mar 30, 10:29pm
they don't even use the metric system in the US.

cafc2012, Mar 30, 10:56pm
1. Go to any Apple store in the US
2. Buy new power cable/transformer for you MacBook
3. Carry on

mazdasix, Mar 30, 11:10pm
Or buy a travel adapter

nzdoug, Mar 30, 11:12pm
You can also probly charge via usb at airports or friends where your going, maybe , perhaps, possibly.

remmers, Mar 30, 11:50pm
Just buy the 2 pin parallel part of the adaptor - $5 - in Walmart and slide out the Kiwi pin out. Or as mazdasix says a travel adapter but sometimes can fall out with the weight of the Apple power supply. The power supply is rated 100V to 240V, 50 to 60Hz so good to go.

brycer, Mar 30, 11:53pm
All apple devices are autoswitching so all you need is a very cheap adaptor. or you may even find one already in the box your powerbook came in. mine had US and new from memory. or may have been the ipad

brycer, Mar 30, 11:55pm
Dumb advice!. All apple products are autoswitching and will work anywhere in the world. just need a cheap PLUG adaptor. which OP may already have in the box it came in.

brycer, Mar 30, 11:57pm
Really?! you can charge a laptop thru the USB port? Not something I would be trying on my powerbook!

gibler, Mar 31, 1:20am
yeah just get a travel adapter or change the "slide-in" end of the power adapter. Jsut watch out because some of the "slide-in" ends seem to vary slightly depending on the apple laptop model.

If I get visitors from the US at work I grab one from a drawer full of them.

mazdasix, Mar 31, 2:41am
Yeah plug the laptop into its own USB port for infinite charging

wotz_it_2_ya, Mar 31, 6:06am
I learnt that one a couple of months ago. Haven't plugged into the wall since

mazdasix, Mar 31, 6:11am
don't tell too many people, the power companies have already started sending assassins after me

devine-spark, Feb 6, 8:23pm
Thank you everyone.

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