Help with boot error

sakkara, Apr 3, 9:42pm
hi just bought a dell precision M6400 runing windows 7
on boot throws up " processor micrcode update failure the revision of processor in the system is not supported "

and option if pressing F1 or F2 to continue

have downloaded chipset drivers and tried to update bios but get

"this bios does not suppport the level of hardware in this system"

any advise thanks

computer boots fine after pushing F1


r.g.nixon, Apr 3, 9:52pm
Maybe Dell is a bit like that. I have an error message that my HDD is looking weird and may fail (not exact words) - well that is because it's an SSD.

sakkara, Apr 3, 9:57pm
i have an exact same system the only difference being the CPU and it boots fine !

tail_red, Mar 26, 4:06am
CPU is too new for the BIOS, or maybe the system had a security/tracking chip installed at one point and then removed (possibly retired company PC).
The latter is the case on my old M4400 - exact same "error" after the security chip was removed, but it works perfectly fine.

If it works fine then just ignore it, and don't fix what isn't broke. Dell's BIOS can give all sorts of stupid errors that don't mean or affect anything.

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