Digitalising old photos in ChCh?

doggitt, May 13, 10:58pm
You could buy a cheap scanner and do it yourself.

r.g.nixon, May 13, 11:09pm
Yes it is called scanning, not digitalising. Check TM for used scanners. You will need to check that they will run on your operating system.

rz_zone, May 14, 1:57am
Or a cheap printer with a scanner.

oclaf, May 14, 2:21am
Or a film scanner if you have negatives.

cjdnzl, May 14, 7:13am
It not just digitalising as you call it, scanning involves afterwork on the images. Rarely are the scanned results optimum, the originals are usually stained, cracked, faded, gone brown or colours faded, and it takes a bit of afterwork to clean up an image satisfactorily. The work can take from a few minutes to hours for a badly degraded original, and at a nominal $50 our hour fee (cheap for good work) your 100 scans could take an average of three minutes (probably more) each - that's 300 minutes, or 6 hours, not including handling and scanning time. At $50/hr, you're looking at about $300 minimum. At your quoted $100, I doubt you'd be getting any or much afterwork done.
If these photographs are that priceless, you should consider getting the best job you can and to hell with the cost.

moltenfire, May 14, 7:26am
But what's the point of dickying up thousands of piccies at scanning time? Surely one would scan everything and if they were ever required, tidy them up at that stage. Why pay for a service that isn't actually required?

ianab, Nov 27, 3:55am
Maybe true, but if someone wants a selection of pictures scanned, because they can't scan their own, then chances are they wont know how to edit them either. Now we aren't talking about spending 30 mins in photoshop, but at a minute per picture, it's going to physically take a while.

But even a $50 HP multifunction from the Warehouse and a rainy afternoon will get the job done.

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