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hayster94, Mar 27, 7:47am
Hey guys. We got fibre installed last week into a 2 story house with the router upstairs. My pc is connected to the router via cable and is getting around 90mbps down/15mbps up but the rest of the house(4 pc's) are all using the wifi and are getting much lower speeds(anywhere from 8mbps-50mbps) and some disconnections. My question is what can be done to improve speeds/reliability? We probably have enough cable to wire most of the pc's but are there any other options? the computers downstairs all have 4/5 bars signal too.

At the moment there is some sort of router attached to the wall with the little fibre box connected to it and then the wireless router connected from the LAN1 port to the WAN port on the wireless one.

Thanks in advance

cookee_nz, Mar 27, 8:47am
PS; also, if you could run a single Ethernet cable from the Router to a reasonably central point downstairs (or possibly anywhere below depending on size of house), you could put another Wifi router/repeater down there to boost the signal for that area.

hayster94, Mar 27, 9:07am
Thanks for the advice. I thought about that. I've got this tplink wireless unit, it just has 1 ethernet port and an aerial. Could I just plug it into one of the ethernet ports on the router or is there more to it?

ianab, Mar 27, 10:41am
The TP link will probably need some basic programming to make it work seamlessly with the other wireless network. Not rocket science, but just plugging it in may not "just work".

It can certailny be used, and should help your problem, at least giving a more reliable connection to the remote machines. Just it might need some tweaking.

Also, consider if you are getting interferece with the Wifi. I was at customers a couple of weeks back and trying to fix a problem. When we picked up the cordless phone to call her tech support, the wifi dropped out. Hang up the phone and it came back. And that was about a metre from the wifi box. Got into the router setup, changed it to a different channel and it was magically fixed.

spyware, Mar 27, 6:18pm
Access point. Don't use a repeater and don't use a router (I wish people would learn what routers do - they NAT route between subnets, like the internet and the LAN).

spyware, Mar 27, 6:19pm
Data cable house and install access points on ceiling.

spyware, Mar 27, 6:21pm
Basically no more to it but obviously access point needs to be near to the clients using the wireless. Ceiling mount is the better so so use Ubiquiti.

cookee_nz, Mar 27, 7:29pm
Good tip, the sort of problem if you did not stumble on it early on you could spend hours trying to isolate and I fear it's only going to get worse with more and more channel congestion, the freedom from wires comes at a different cost :-)

cookee_nz, Mar 27, 9:15pm
Indeed, I meant to say 'Access Point', thanks for picking it up and clarifying. Repeaters have their place but AP better for this situation.

mrfxit, Mar 27, 10:10pm
Yep correct, it's 1 of the 1st considerations when asking about what other devices are plugged in to that property.
It's fairly well known about conflicts between cordless ph's & wireless networks.

1bravo, Mar 27, 11:00pm
The speeds you quoted are the best you will ever get on wifi and that will drop if two ore more computers are using the connection intensively. Use network cables if you want better speed.

hayster94, Mar 29, 10:45am
Thanks for the help guys. I'll try using a different channel for the wireless for a start but will end up using cable soon.

I tried using a cable on 2 desktops downstairs but both wouldn't recognise the connection. I tried the same cable on my desktop and it worked. Would possibly reinstalling the driver for the network adapter possibly fix this? It's strange as the ethernet ports have both worked in the past.

spyware, Mar 29, 9:10pm
And they probably still do, more to networks than pieces of cable. What IP address are bound to the interfaces?

And when testing the wired lan connections please turn off the wireless on device.

hayster94, Apr 4, 5:25pm
I disabled the wireless connection when testing. I tried reinstalling the drivers with no luck, The IP addresses being used are just those assigned, no static ip's, all different though. At the moment from

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