Android Tablets that can have a small keyboard and

josh698, May 19, 2:47am
A mouse attached.

Hey all, just wondering if some people who know if the Android tablets can also support a mouse as well?

Cause I've seen some Android Tablets that can support a keyboard, but I'm wanting to know if attaching a mouse would work as well.

I'm looking at investing in one, not too expensive either if anyone could recommend some please.

I play a Google Play game from IGG called "Castle Clash" and the phone I'm using now can't keep up with the game (Vodafone Smart4 Mini) the one that's about $40-$50 from the warehouse.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

TIA! :-)

bronzeblood, May 19, 2:50am
My bluetooth mouse works with my phone and tab.

dinx, May 19, 9:48am
There are two ways that i know of, using micro usb on an OTG cable or via bluetooth.

Make sure you find out which your tablet supports because it is often one or the other and not both, and I don't know about both at the same time? Port likely cant power both at same time? Maybe look at the android forums, not on tm? .

lucky.gadgets, Nov 5, 10:31am
Bluetooth mouse and keyboard would be the way to go. Majority of smartphones and tablets have bluetooth, unless its an uber entry level device that cost <$100

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