Outlook express compacted and lost

sakkara, Apr 20, 11:46pm
all my inbox e-mails after 20012 any help thanks
outlook express 6 on XP pro


tried importing but no help is there a backup folder on the harddrive ?

r.g.nixon, Apr 21, 1:34am

portly, Apr 21, 9:06am
who`s your account with. XTRA and Vodafone keep copies, so long as you haven`t deleted

r.g.nixon, Apr 21, 9:14am
OE6 is normally set to use POP, not IMAP. Not even sure if that is an option. (Update: Yes, IMAP is an option).

sakkara, Apr 21, 11:17pm
how do i download copies ?

king1, Jan 24, 9:24pm
oe6 by default removes messages from the server so not likely to be a copy on the server.

Try logging into the webmail of the email account and see if there are any messages there e.g for xtra

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