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dunar, Apr 28, 12:56am
How do I go about it? Someone in my house I no longer trust and wondering why my broadband is used so much

exwesty, Apr 28, 1:09am
Change the password or block the mac address

vtecintegra, Apr 28, 1:09am
Depends on your router - on a lot of cheap models this isn't possible

dunar, Apr 28, 1:15am
the router is netcomm N300

mrfxit, Apr 28, 3:09am
Might have to be a bit sneaky

Must be set up on all computers but can be set to discrete & passworded on the other computers.
Monitors all connected computers data traffic & keeps a record

vtecintegra, Apr 28, 3:21am
No one is going to let you install spyware on their own PC

mrfxit, Apr 28, 3:31am
Networx's is NOT spyware.
It is a perfectly legal & safe network monitoring prg.
It also has discrete settings along with a password function to stop ppl from tampering with it & or annoying the user of the computer.

MY house, I pay the bills, my rules.
Anybody in my house that has an issue with monitoring who's using the most data can MOVE OUT or cough up for the extra bandwidth.

mrfxit, Apr 28, 3:32am
How do YOU propose the o/p confirms who is chewing up their data allowance?

vtecintegra, Apr 28, 3:33am
Sorry it is by definition spyware

I have no issue with revoking access but it is not reasonable to expect to spy on other peoples communications

dunar, Apr 28, 3:48am
so this cannot be done through the router? Don't have access to the pc in question

trade_menow, Apr 28, 4:31am
Networx only tells you how much data has been used - it doesnt say what site

mrfxit, Apr 28, 4:32am
Networx's monitors DATA FLOWS from each installed pc.
You can't tell what that data is.

So please tell us HOW to monitor data flows from multiple pc's without having a fancy router or other installed software.

mrfxit, Apr 28, 4:35am

I used to use it when the kids were a lot younger & we had limited bandwidth.
Networxs has been around for many years doing the same job.

dunar, Apr 28, 4:36am
nothing tells you what data is?

exwesty, Apr 28, 4:38am
Only the browser history on the device if it hasn't been wiped or they weren't using incognito mode.

mrfxit, Apr 28, 4:39am
The o/p only needs to know who is using the most data at this point.
Why they don't have control over who's chewing up the data in their own house, is a very good question for the o/p to consider.

trade_menow, Apr 28, 4:45am
Agree that networx is great for saying who's used x amount of data but OP wants to know the site " Finding sites visited on my wifi " which networx wont do - and even if it did would be considered as stalkerish

moltenfire, Apr 28, 4:51am
Why are they still in your house then? If I didn't 110% trust anyone in my house, they wouldn't be in my house!

moltenfire, Apr 28, 4:52am
On a more constructive note, get a Cisco managed switch and simply watch their data thruput within the html interface in firmware. That means giving them their own hotspot - get a cheap router and turn off the adsl then just let that one person have the wifi password for it. Simple.

suicidemonkey, Apr 28, 5:25am
I'm guessing it would be illegal to gather information about a user's browsing history without their permission.

dunar, Apr 28, 5:46am
lol partner and I separated he using laptop in the spare room and spends a lot of time on it . He says trust him I not so sure. Didn't want to say but there you go. As for why he not moved out, in the process. Just wonder if I truly trust him

trade_menow, Apr 28, 5:59am
1st off is the connection in your name or his - if its joint you cant really complain but if its under yours change the wifi password but its not hard to reset it back to factory default if he can gain access to the modem / router

moltenfire, Apr 28, 6:45am
If he's taken decent legal advice, he'll have Wireshark installed and will know more about you than you do yourself!

dunar, Apr 28, 7:13am
It my house and my broadband. He wants to get be back but want to know what he viewing which will make my finale decision. He doesn't know much about computers. My computer in the lounge and he has access and has been checking my history and emails. I got nothing to hide but the computer he using is also mine he is borrowing.

gyrogearloose, Apr 28, 8:38am
So, Google would be guilty then?

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