Galaxy S2 battery replacement

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone knows if & where I could get a GENUINE new battery for my trusty S2.
Are any of the vendors advertising on Trade Me as having them genuine?
Cheers for any help :)

geek_philskink, Jun 8, 9:38 am

You tried searching? Quite a few genuine ones being advertised.

geek_acura, Jun 8, 10:08 am

How does one sort the genuine from the "genuine"?

geek_philskink, Jun 8, 10:19 am

You can't.

Anyway on a phone that old do you really want a genuine one? Its going to have been sitting on a shelf somewhere for years

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 8, 10:31 am

Some of the after market ones are actually fine. Do a bit of Googling for good 3rd party brands.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 8, 10:51 am

geek_rz_zone, Sep 8, 3:53 pm

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