Presario M2000 RAM missing in action?

paddy2, Apr 10, 5:41am
I use an old Presario M2000 lappy for every day use after the death of my (unbacked up) desktop.

It runs XP and has a licence for XP Home and recently another person used it, after which it somehow needed a reinstall of XP. I took the M2000 to the local computer repair shop, the only one I know of and was given a price of $60 for an OS reinstall, given I had the cd etc. Thing is I brought the wrong OS in that I'd arrived with XP Pro. Long story short he said he'd do the reinstall but of Pro and asked which wp software suite I used. I said something like XP Office and he he said he'd also install Office including Publisher etc (I had licences and media for Office XP at home.)

When I bought the M2000 via TM, it arrived and showed itself as having 1Gig of RAM, as advertised. For what it is and how I use it it was adequate for my online stuff and of an acceptable speed in page setups and refreshes etc. When I handed the M2000 over to the repair man earlier this year it had not been off my desk since I'd got it. It took the chap a lot longer than he had said it would take and instead of being ready that afternoon from a morning take-in, it was delivered home to me mid day the next day. He apologised nicely and said it took him longer than he expected because of all the updates that had to be downloaded. Something much like that anyway.

I plugged my keyboard and mouse and broadband into the just returned M2000 and it booted fine as XP Pro and I saw the Office suite had been installled as offered. Office 2007 which I can't get my head around. I actually have a brain and spinal injuries from an old prang so sometimes software updates throw me. I'm also limited physically to the time I can sit here using the computer so I needed all of that 1 Gig of RAM

I had to download Chrome as it was the browser I was used to, and it seemed I had to take the latest version. From the moment I downloaded and started using Chrome, my Free AVG suite sends little message boxes telling me that Google is using say, 356MB the 640MB RAM in the computer. Been happening ever since the chap handed me the computer back and I started using my broadband again.

I opened 'My Computer' and selected 'System Information' and find the system records the following, which is not what it showed pre OS reinstallation:
HP, Mobile AMD Semperon (tm), Processor 3000+ 1.79GHz, 640MB of RAM. The only evidence I have that the M2000 had a Gig of RAM is in the auction text when I got it.
Listing #: 628014342 in August 2013. From then till I handed it over to the chap, the Sys Info always showed 1 Gig of RAM installed.

Where has the 1Gig of installed RAM gone to? If it got fried during the time the repair chap had it, wouldn't the original on board 640MB also cark it? Is it sitting there dead inside the case? Will it decompose and have worms and maggots crawl out of the speakers?

Did something mayhaps go wrong electricity-wise when he had the computer so its only got the 640MB available now? Or did a Leprechaun spirit it away and it no longer sits inside the laptop case? I am most definately not saying or implying that I think the RAM was removed from the computer when it was in his custody. I've not asked him yet what he thinks might be the answer to my questions as his shop was shut the time I drove there last week. I think he has part time hours, which I should read, on the door.

What is a sensible line of inquiry or action about this vanishing RAM issue? Should I just assume something died and take it back and pay him to supply and install a 1 Gig RAM stick and confirm in my presense its working and recognised? I have no way of knowing what RAM Stick to buy from TM there is so much variety, but I think with care I could install it as I've done so on desktops. I kinda feel adverse vis a vis paying him more to supply and install something I was positive the lappie had pre OS installation etc by him.

r.g.nixon, Apr 10, 6:13am
For about $80 you could have got a *much* faster computer, with Windows 7. Look on TM for Dell Optiplex 780 Core2Duo 2.93GHz

paddy2, Apr 10, 6:27am
I didn't have much money, I needed something in a hurry and its vendor is what I consider local though a courier was used. With my brain injury and stuff I'm no more likely to find a great deal on my own as I am to have been principal designer of the Large Hadron Collider. For the record I'm not. Which is a win for science!

Sorry but telling me what I could have bought instead, doesn't really help me. Just makes me feel crap really, another coulda done better report. I kinda knew that intuitively 'cos it applies to all my life, since the motor accident that scrambled a kids brain 41 years ago. Do try, but!

king1, Apr 10, 7:19am
Run this - it will tell exactly what memory sticks you have inside the laptop

my guess is

the difference from what is shown (128mb) might be allocated to video ram

namtak, Apr 10, 11:46am
Google 'UbitMenu' for office 2007. Puts a menu button in the ribbon for those people who prefer the office 2003 layout.

lucky.gadgets, Apr 10, 12:44pm
I have an old presario V2000 model. Turn over the laptop and on the bottom in the middle there is a cover to access the memory, unscrew the 2 screws and pop cover off, usually there is a sticker on the memory to say the memory size. Be careful not to touch the the memory or any circuit boards.

Or you could install cpu-z program, it would also tell you what is in each ram slot, and how much memory the graphics are allocated.

vtecintegra, Apr 10, 7:17pm
Regardless of all those other factors that system is far too old to bother with - it's just going to cost you money to sort out for something that should have been retired five years ago (and is liable to fail without warning at any moment)

cookee_nz, Mar 2, 2:04am
Been a long time since I saw one of those but one thing that 'may' be a possibility is this model having shared video ram - from memory, the maximum ram on the M2000 was only 1Gb anyway, and if the BIOS was set to share video ram of say 384mb, then only the remainder would be left as useable ram, but don't quote me on this, as I said I'm digging way back - this is a model produced I think from 2000-2005 so it's elderly to say the least. Also, your repair man while maybe helpful, has made things more difficult by installing a non-licensed version of Office 2007, particularly when you had the genuine kit for Office XP, and on top of that has installed XP Pro instead of XP Home which you have the license for. Maybe not a biggie and hopefully you will not run into any activation issues because some of the product keys used to install are flagged by Microsoft and may be detected during Windows updates. All this aside, the other advice here is very clear that you really are on borrowed time with this, we all feel for your personal circumstances but another few months/years will quickly pass and that Laptop is really not long for this world - start budgeting however you can to replace it, you will not need to spend much to upgrade. Good luck but do check the Video Ram setting just in case it got altered (if it is even an option on that model).

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