Smart phone glass replacment

pettal, Apr 1, 3:10am
what sort of $$ do those outfits charge in the malls to replace a screen in say a Huawei Ascend Y300 ? ,

suicidemonkey, Apr 1, 3:22am
You could ask one of those outfits?

nice_lady, Apr 1, 3:42am
Ummm according to pricespy that's a $100 phone. NOT worth fixing, would be more expensive to repair than buy a new better one most likely

pettal, Apr 1, 4:55am
Yeah that's what I would expect but thought it was worth asking just to make sure .

timbo69, Mar 21, 4:24pm
do it yourself, worth a go if your gonna buy new phone - nothing to loose. glass is about 20 for samsung on TM. or alibaba if you cant find here

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