Windows 10 install for idiots like me

If I upgrade my much loathed 8.1 windows to windows 10 do I have to back up everything I now have on the computer , and reinstall after the upgrade ? or will everything just continue on the new platform ?

geek_farawaytoo, Jul 30, 1:45 pm

In theory everything will remain. In practise you should always have a complete backup before doing such a major upgrade.

BTW what exactly so you dislike about 8.1?

geek_vtecintegra, Jul 30, 1:59 pm

With XP I knew my computer basically inside out, if a problem occurred I could generally sort it out. together we ran fine. I felt like I was learning stuff about systems.
Windows 7 wasn't quite as good for me, but 8.1 well. it is a bit like a jungle, I am back to being an idiot again. Also I don't want a computer that acts like a phone, I need a workhorse.

geek_farawaytoo, Jul 30, 2:10 pm

But there is really nothing different between 7 and 8 in that regard.

geek_vtecintegra, Jul 30, 2:31 pm

Off the subject a little but with win 10 being offered I tried to do backup today on 8.1 but it gave me an error message that said efi? is locked or being used elsewhere and backup failed ? Options on how to do this in case something hiccups during upgrade.

geek_springgrove, Jul 30, 10:14 pm


geek_king1, Jul 30, 10:16 pm

King1. do you mean restart and try again. Have always been able to backup before just not today.

geek_springgrove, Jul 30, 10:20 pm

I had one customer who has upgraded to windows 10, caused the whole machine to crash!
it would just hang on the login screen and not let me enter a password!

In the end, i had to download an iso image just to get access to recovery options and then revert back to windows 8.

geek_nzoomed, Jul 30, 11:59 pm

Am in no hurry to upgrade to win 10 but would like to get a back up done first but it's not letting me.

geek_springgrove, Jul 31, 9:37 am

Backup with what? I use Macrium Reflect. Or you could use EaseUS System GoBack Free.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 18, 3:30 pm

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