Cannot connect to wifi on my mini HP Laptop ?

clikchik, Jan 22, 11:56am
I dont know how many times I have reset/unplugged my modem in order for my mini laptop to connect to wifi. It will work with the ethernet cable, but not wifi. this is literally driving me nuts!
I bought it off a buy and sell site and he had it connected to wifi, when I purchased it, but it will not connect with my wifi? Please Help!

nice_lady, Jan 22, 12:51pm
How about you tell us more.

What version of windows it has ?
What EXACTLY you do when you try to connect it to wifi
What EXACTLY happens when it doesn't connect (error messages ?)
Have you tried connecting any other device to that same wifi ?
Have you tried connecting that new laptop to any other wifi ?

supernova2, Jan 22, 8:05pm
My thinking is that the laptop is still trying to connect to the old owners network address.
Let it search for connections, select yours from the list, enter the password etc and it might just start working.

cube_guy, Jan 22, 8:56pm
I have a small HP laptop from 3 or 4 years ago, one of the flip ones. When I first got it it would see our wi-fi connection very briefly - the connection would keep appearing and disappearing and wouldn't allow us to connect. The only thing that fixed it was by logging into the router and changing the 2.4Ghz channel. Has been perfect since then.

spyware, Jan 23, 6:26am
Some devices only connect to 2.4 GHz channels 1 to 11 as designed for US market. Some ISP toy routers support 1 to 13 as designed for our market. Also maybe limited support of 5 GHz.

spyware, Feb 18, 3:04am
So the solution is to lock the router on a channel the laptop can connect to.

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