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ctnz, Jul 20, 2:14pm
Hi there looking at a laptop for my 14 year old daughter, budget $ 500, portability and battery life. Mainly for school as she hogs the family PC at home.

Looking at

as a start, any other opinions welcome

Live in the Wellington / Hutt area.


vtecintegra, Jul 20, 2:52pm
The Noel Leeming and JB HiFi models are the same except the JB one has an SSD which would make it much more pleasant to use. The Smith City one has a bit newer processor but no SSD.

Really I wouldn't recommend any of them, they're all too large and flimsy to use as portable machines for a child.

What need to be run on the laptop? If she can get away with a Chromebook or iPad that'll be a far superior experience for similar money.

ctnz, Jul 20, 3:05pm
How is chrome book more robust in your opinion? also would prefer a keyboard so not sure a tablet would work.

ctnz, Jul 20, 3:08pm
Trying to get more info out of Miss 14 as to what she would use it for, easier getting a straight answer out of Donald Trump.

ctnz, Jul 20, 3:10pm

vtecintegra, Jul 20, 3:17pm
Windows updates wreck havoc on low end hardware - they take forever and cannot (practically) be switched off. Chomebooks are also usually smaller in size which makes them more portable and durable.

TBH if I was buying a laptop in that price range I'd be happier with second hand - personally I'm using an HP 2570p which was a very expensive business grade machine in its day but worth next to nothing now.

mark.p, Jul 20, 3:33pm
Ex lease might be a better way to go.

king1, Jul 20, 3:38pm
they're all rubbish and will end in disappointment, even the one with the ssd has such a slow cpu that you probably wont get too much benefit from the ssd

king1, Jul 20, 3:39pm
yep, as long as the battery is good.

black-heart, Jul 20, 5:44pm
+1 double your budget, if you're buying new. otherwise go see the ex-lease deals

nice_lady, Jul 20, 5:52pm

Those linked devices - Celerons. Urgghh. Yeah well what can you do with a limited budget ? Best bet: Refurbished. Pb Tech do them with a 3 month warranty upgradeable to 1yr for about $60 extra. And they'll be MUCH better spec than those nasty devices.

ctnz, Jul 20, 7:13pm
Need to get it this weekend, got to ?

mark.p, Jul 20, 7:20pm
8gig of ram should be your minimum for a Windows 10 system as well.

ctnz, Jul 20, 7:49pm
Ok the issue now its pushing the specs up past the $ 500 price point, needs to have a good battery and be school bag portable, WIN 10 is the preferred OS

loud_37, Jul 20, 8:00pm
I have had 3 kids go through high school, all laptops we bought were around $800 - $900 all have lasted the whole 5 years and are still going well.

Friends that bought chromebooks or $500 laptops have all ended up on a shelf and not being used after the first year as they were just hopeless.

king1, Jul 20, 8:44pm
8GB for HDD, fine on 4GB if there is a SSD installed, might be a bit more wear on the SSD though

suicidemonkey, Oct 10, 6:59am
For that budget I'd look at an ex-lease or second hand HP Elitebook 840. You might even get lucky and find one within it's original 3 year warranty. Very reliable machines (HP seem to make great business and terrible consumer laptops).

There's nothing worth buying new for $500 IMO.

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