mark.p, Jul 21, 1:50pm
Just been doing a research on these. Id like to hear what other members think of them?

Found quite a nice article Seems pretty balanced, mentioning the pros and cons. I like the idea possibly being able to access linux and android apps.

Just looking at the ones on TM the DELL models look appealing due to having been Mil-Spec certified. They're windows capatible by the looks.

lythande1, Jul 21, 1:58pm
doesn't appeal to me at all, online, no storage.
have their uses but for me? nah.

nice_lady, Jul 21, 3:31pm
Access Android apps ? Just install Bluestacks or similar.

mark.p, Jul 21, 3:56pm
The whole point of this thread is to discuss Chromebooks.
FWIW I personally don't own a Mac or PC

mark.p, Jul 21, 4:25pm
Sorry that should be Windows PC. Though my Wife owns a Windows 10 laptop. That doesn't see much use as much as the Galaxy or this ye olde linux box though.

suicidemonkey, Jul 21, 11:26pm
In general (aside from a few exceptions that haven't really made it to NZ), Chromebooks use bottom of the barrel hardware. Slow CPU, usually 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. The upside is the OS is so basic that it actually can run reasonably well on that kind of hardware. If you can deal with the crappy low res screens and entry level build quality, they're a decent budget option for people just wanting web/Google apps access considering they start at around $300.

As I said, there are a few higher end models available but I haven't seen any in NZ.

mark.p, Oct 10, 8:04am
Never realised there were all-in-one devices and things like the Chromebox available.

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