Shifting laptop data to ipad

footplate1, May 29, 11:50am
I am thinking of buying my wife an iPad to replace the laptop she hates. I have my own and built content up from scratch. And sync it with my desktop periodically.

Aside from setting up mail addresses etc, how easy is it to shift her word and photo files to an iPad?

I am reluctant to buy the iPad until I can shift data and address book.


black-heart, May 29, 12:20pm
I would start a gmail account, move word docs to google drive, and upload the photos to google photo.
Then set up the google account on the ipad.
You can probably do the same with apple ID, but I'm not sure what limits they impose. google allow unlimited photos. and 30GB drive files.

tabitha, May 29, 1:33pm
Sounds easy but. I know little, but you're going from microsoft to IOS - two different operating systems. Hard to believe it's that easy.

footplate1, May 29, 3:02pm
Yes, I synce my two Apple devices with my desktop. Getting better, thanks to iCloud. But not perfect.

nice_lady, May 29, 3:03pm
Ok lets find out what it is she hates about the laptop and in what way do you think an ipad would be better - before you go spending a fair bit of $$.

ianab, May 29, 4:10pm
The common data files for pictures / movies / music and most documents don't depend on what operating system you are using. If you have saved them to Google / Icloud / Onedrive etc, then you can connect to them from a totally different device, and sync up the exact same files. They likely open in a different program, depending on what machine you are using, but your music file still opens no matter if you are using Itunes / Window Media Player or VLC on a Linux computer.

There are some exceptions and gremlins, but it's 99% good.

suicidemonkey, May 29, 9:38pm
You'd be right :)

pheonix, May 29, 9:48pm
Also keep in mind that storage sizes could be an issue between an ipad and Laptop, depending on how much data is in the photos etc.

footplate1, May 30, 4:20pm
A number of irrational reasons. And one plus - when we travel, she could read ebooks.
It is an ACER. The mother board crashed just after she bought it. Weeks to replace.
WiFi flicks on and off - and we do have a stick in the laptop, My laptop and devices pick wifi easily. Also, the wifi extender is almost adjacent to her location.
It is slow to boot. Seems to always be receiving MS updates, when she is in a hurry. Technicians cannot solve either the wifi or the slow booting.

Basically, I am tired of my being interrrupted to show her how to solve issues.

Me? I am slowing ignoring my desktop and laptop in favour of my iPadPro.


nice_lady, May 30, 4:42pm
Ok. Without knowing the actual model, (and thus the specs), the slow boot will be most likely a combo of low ram, (easy and cheap to upgrade), paired to too many programs running at startup . Possibly a slow processor, (not something you can upgrade), and probably a slow mechanical hard drive, (also easy and fairly cheap to upgrade), changing that to an SSD will make a definite and very noticeable difference to the machine. Upgradeing such a machine might be not worthwhile though anyway depending on the value and age of it anyway. Wifi issue - you seem to say it has a 'stick' ? This a usb wifi 'stick' ?

Anyway it looks like you're familiar with Ipad so maybe that's the way to go .

nice_lady, May 30, 4:44pm
Assuming the thing has a 2.5" drive inside it then replacing that with say a 128GB SSD would make a dramatic difference. These are well under $100 these days.

king1, May 30, 4:48pm
slow booting is such a common complaint these days - usually due to the proliferation of always on phones and tablets running solid state storage.

The simple solution is to upgrade/buy a laptop with SSD storage

Wifi issues may be hardware, maybe laptop, maybe not - first thing I would do is buy a cheap usb wifi dongle and see if it fixes the problem (might be the stick you refer to)

The other thing to remember about repeaters is that if you move the laptop around, putting it next to the repeater is not necessarily going to automatically connect to the repeater. you need to turn wireless off/on to reconnect

king1, May 30, 5:01pm
and further on wifi subject, if the stick you have is a wifi dongle, and it has not fixed the "WiFi flicks on and off", then it would suggest that the laptop is not likely to be the cause of the wifi problems, more so the wireless setup, routers/ repeaters or environmental issues etc

nice_lady, May 30, 5:03pm
Come back Footplate lol don't leave us stumbling round in the dark .

Edit: Hubbys old laptop had similar wifi issue and he tried variations on drivers and etc but he couldn't sort it out despite him being well skilled. Anyway he chucked a cheap wifi dongle into it and that fixed the issue. Later on he did a clean install of a later, newer, version of win10 and the onboard wifi came right. He's still scratching his head over that one.

footplate1, May 31, 12:14pm
Sorry, facing a number of distractions. If I do buy her an ipad, I am more inclined to load it from scratch. Although she has a number of files, it is email and address books that are most used. Unlike self. I use my ipad increasingly frequently. The keyboard makes a difference.

A certain techno firm has looked at the ACER without success. Which is why I installed a dongle wifi stick. But not solved the slow boot. In the case of my ASUS, I have had more disc installled.

Migrating my wife to an iPad is an emotional issue, as much as a technical. There is an element of Ludditeism involved.

king1, May 31, 1:20pm
Why does this sound like you are trying to push change when she doesn't want it? Ipads have a purpose but they are not a direct replacement for a PC. Might I suggest maybe buying it for her but give a transitional time where she can use both. Making someone change the way they do things is only going to encourage resistance.

ianab, May 31, 4:24pm
There is also the option of buying some cheaper tablet like a Samsung TabA. May do the job for basic Ebook reading and web browsing, and use it WITH the laptop. (Sync the files via Google)

There are some tasks that are simply easier on a Laptop or Desktop, where other things a tablet is perfect for. (Ebook reading for example) By having a cheap tablet that can be picked up as needed your wife can decide which device she wants to use that particular day.

BTW, the slow startup is often all the crapware that companies like Acer preload on their machines for some bizarre reason. Most of it is useless, and just bogs the machine down. I've done many "clean" windows install on that sort of machine, with only the minimum stuff at startup. Usually makes a world of difference, even without replacing the hard disk.

nice_lady, Nov 17, 7:14am
That 'certain tech firm' would apear to be incompetent.
You having 'more disc installed ' in your comp would NOT have sped it up.

An SSD, (solid state drive), installed in your wife's comp would make a truly dramatic difference to its boot speed and usability.

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