OE Classic

pommyjohn1, Mar 19, 9:02am
Just wondered if anyone is using this and what they think of it.I didn't like Windows Mail and have been suffering Thunderbird but it is nothing like the simplicity of the old Outllook Express. Is it true that window updates would remove this if installed

r.g.nixon, Mar 19, 11:02am
Windows updates never remove third party software.

black-heart, Mar 19, 2:51pm
doesn't even mention his version of windows, wants to know if he can install end of life software?

black-heart, Mar 19, 2:52pm
no they just break their functionality. IE myoffice app in win 10, if you have outlook 2007/2010 installed.

r.g.nixon, Mar 19, 3:08pm
OE Classic is *not* Outlook Express. So not end-of-life. http://www.oeclassic.com/

pommyjohn1, Mar 19, 3:31pm
Quite right r.g. I am using Win10

nice_lady, Mar 19, 6:09pm
You will find that you can't install OE onto modern versions of windows anyway even if you could find a standalone exe version to install.

Edit: Hmm I see. And as said earlier windows updates do NOT remove third party software. They can 'break ' it on occasion and they can also 'break' windows itself lol.

black-heart, Mar 19, 8:28pm
true, however theres no calendar support and what kind of email service doesn't have calendars nowadays?well shit ones hosted by ISP's and retarded small fry webhosts with poorly configured linux mail servers (undeliverable mail magnets) with little spam/virus filtering and far less uptime than the free main players.

nice_lady, Mar 19, 8:32pm
Meh - calendar support isn't a priority for me/us, or I suspect, a lot of other people either. Hubby uses his Android phone calendar and neither he nor I have a use for a calendar linked to the email program. Have never had that functionality and can't really see a need for it - personally anyway.

pommyjohn1, Mar 20, 6:58am
I got my answer:gmail blocked the use of it as a unsafe app,guess I will stick with Thunderbird

vtecintegra, Mar 20, 7:02am
If you?

lythande1, Mar 20, 7:36am
Simplicity of OE? I never noticed that. Compared to Outlook itself it was a cut down version is all.
Thunderbird is great, PEBKAC I'd say.

r.g.nixon, Mar 20, 8:45am
Or you could try 'eM Client'. I have used it for several years now.

king1, Mar 20, 8:54am
i'm wondering at what point it was mentioned that email isn't working - I thought the question was on the merits of different email clients

black-heart, Jan 6, 5:17pm
I also wonder how long MS will allow them to sell a product named after one of theirs.

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