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harrymay, Aug 2, 6:58am
"So. should I save up for a PC or just get a tablet now?"

"Well, unless you want to spend the next decade learning Linux to have access to about 30% of the programs Windows can easily access; you'll have to put up with Microsoft forcing a spy camera up your arse 24/7. you know, just because someone is supposed to be a 'white hat' agent of security doesn't mean they aren't a creep flipping the web cams on your teenage daughters. I mean look at Oxfam!"

"Yeah, that's a bit creepy. "

"Plus, rather iOS or Anroid, tablets are ALOT more user friendly for people who don't have the time to study and learn how to fight with hackers and the NSA on their systems."

So where are the MS Certified going to go when this software company closes down? It's made it's money and doesn't give two s***ts how much college students have spent earning a degree nowadays to work for them.

vtecintegra, Aug 2, 7:09am
If you think Microsoft is going to close down you're insane

harrymay, Aug 2, 7:13am
They're not going to have many subscribers

A lot of businesses are having custom OS's made for them as they don't like the idea that a room full of college teens may have access to their clients' critical and sensitive data.

nice_lady, Aug 2, 7:21am
Neither does any other company. As for Ms closing up shop . yeh right. not.

nice_lady, Aug 2, 7:24am
Whatever. That'd be the ultimate in Fractured interactivity. Not to mention extremely expensive. I work in an office of an reasonable sized supermarket. We deal with many many suppliers of goods and services, they deal with many many suppliers of goods and services also. The background complexity in our office alone is incredible ! So you have to have inter-operational systems between all these businesses.

Windows aint going away any time soon believe me. Not in our lifetimes.

king1, Aug 2, 7:42am
what a load of complete BS

harrymay, Aug 2, 8:03am
Nowadays, with Apple, Google and Tablets at large I sure would't waste my college savings learning to become MS certified

Windows isn't for 'everyone' anymore

Just the people who couldn't care less if they had (god only knows whose) cameras up their butts at all times and control-freaking their activity on their devices.

Yes, Google is notorious for this as well for marketing purposes but if you're activity is going to be limited and interrupted anyway then tablets are the cheaper way to go.

nice_lady, Aug 2, 8:12am
Yes yes you're undoubtably correct - Microsoft are in big trouble and soon they'll cease to be a force in the market at all !

NOT -Doh !

harrymay, Aug 2, 8:22am
They're losing recreational users; trust me on this

There are many upon many people who didn't grow up locked inside turning green from their PC monitor like I did; they don't have the time to waste fighting with immature MS employed white hats and NSA strings and whistles just so that they can Skype their family without interference or play some stupid match 3 game without having learn a MASSIVELY complex security system to adjust to play it.

Companies that hold sensitive data, especially those with clients with depression or suicidal tendencies are going to also start finding their clients are being harassed through social media utilizing personal data on those clients mishandled by Oxfam-like, immature, MS-employed net monitoring rooms and they are going to pull plug quickly.

There are agents monitoring boards like this, posing as vulnerable to see who latches on, trolls them and what resources those trolls have access to enhancing their socipathic insults and suggestives.

harrymay, Aug 2, 8:31am
"Oh he's such a good little Christian philanthropist so ready to commit to charity with Oxfam; feeding poor young African children!"

"Oh he's such a lawful and mature MS monitoring agent. "

nice_lady, Aug 2, 8:40am
If what you say is true and MS are the Big Bad Wolf. You'd better be careful they don't bite your ass because with posts like that they'll be dogging your footsteps.

(Apologies to the readers for the bad puns.)

lythande1, Aug 2, 8:41am
What nonsense.
Linux has a number of different O/Ss, Mint is very similar to Windows. My IHC brother installed it, on his own and is very happy using it after years of Windows.
There are tons of programs around, he has a new one now, similar to Photoshop, hasn't not found a program he couldn't find an equivalent for yet.
And is still playing his online game he played for years.

king1, Aug 2, 8:42am
is this the somewhat deranged thought process you're using, or are you actually quoting something? citations would be useful.

harrymay, Aug 2, 8:50am
They've been on me like a tick ever since about six years back I was tired of fighting with security so I could remove hackers on an a really old PC running Windows XP
I was pulling up bells, whistles and monitors statoned in Oz
Posted in a few forums that there were monitors collecting data and watching activity who worked for and in conjunction with MS.
Said monitors were stationed in the most ridiculous of forums and quick to defend my announcements with 'Your nuts.'

Stupids of course joined in with the insult instead of the advice

Until a half year later that transgender got chased around the world for exposing the NSA on Wikileaks.

People don't realize I come from Generation X

We remember national security moderating our potty language over public payphones.

harrymay, Aug 2, 8:52am
Strawman demonstration and most likely not overexaggerated

Remember; had I warned about child perverts working for Oxfam everyone would've posted back 'That's just nutty conspiracy theory!'

I'm starting to wonder if I'm Clairvoyant to some extent.

harrymay, Aug 2, 8:56am
Our interweb privacy and security is left to only-god-knows-what

On MS OS's however that invasion of privacy is considered, celebrated and lorded by them as their entitlement and no matter what you do to tell them you don't like it; they don't respect you, don't have to respect you and most certainly will not respect you

floydbloke, Aug 2, 8:58am
No, I suspect your tinfoil hat has just fallen off.

nice_lady, Aug 2, 9:04am
But, just in case, could you post next weeks Lotto numbers please !

nice_lady, Aug 2, 9:06am
Ok harrymay I apologise. I'm going to say "Good on you for having the conviction to believe, (apparently), in *something/anything* and actually 'go public' with it. Hope you feel better soon.

king1, Aug 2, 9:17am
irony is that he is making such good use of all the technologies he seems to despise.

nice_lady, Aug 2, 9:24am
Yeh funny that.

king1, Aug 2, 9:26am
If you knew about that, why wouldn't you report it? Regardless.

suicidemonkey, Aug 2, 9:37am
Wow what a load of crap.

Some people need to learn that not everything they read online is true.

nzoomed, Aug 2, 10:29am
Blockchain is the future!

black-heart, Aug 2, 1:34pm
Harrymay, windows will continue to be the main OS for business and home users for the foreseeable future. EVERY chainstore sell exclusively MS windows or Mac OSX preinstalled computers.

The vast majority of people don't like being 'spied on' but will tolerate it, as the existence and popularity of facebook continues.

nzoomed, blockchain is a dead end. At best a stepping stone.

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