Recommend me a new printer

jojo76, May 3, 10:23am
My Epson printer has been awesome, but alas something has happened to the print head and its missing parts of texts.
Anyway i, after an all in one, with a usb connection so i can put scans onto a usb stick - i prefer it this way and i see most of the new epson ones dont have this and it is cloud based saving.
I do like to use the third party inks and yes this could be my downfall with the current epsons print head issue - it is 2 years old with alot of printing as we were a home business.

So any one care to tell me what they would recommend and what what to avoid.

peanuts37, May 3, 10:52am
Go into settings and do a purge nozzles run I think its called.

mrfxit, May 3, 11:31am
You need to ask your self a few questions 1st

Do you NEED color printing
Can you stay with black/ mono printing
Price range
Print volumes

Personally, for any business office (home or commercial) I wouldn't waste my time with an inkjet.
Laser all the way unless the inkjet is free & near new.

Laser Pro's .
Higher over life span page counts
Overall cheaper for page volumes
More reliable
Don't care if they sit for a few months or year or 2
Not as fussy about aftermarket toners.

Dearer to purchase new.
Heavier machine

farwest, May 3, 11:41am
I replaced my last Epson with a monochrome laser printer.

suicidemonkey, May 3, 11:41am
I wouldn't recommend a colour laser for small volume printing - they only really become cost effective for larger volumes.

For mono printing - definitely. Far more cost effective than most ink jets and generally more reliable.

lythande1, May 3, 2:00pm
Overseas it is illegal to make claims like that now.

bad luck with the print head is all. Epson still is a good brand.
Canon also.

suicidemonkey, May 3, 2:15pm
Canon make good ink jets but they seem to be primarily aimed at photo printing, which usually means 5-6 inks to buy instead of 4. The exception is the Maxify range.

Also worth noting all Brother printers have a 4 year onsite warranty + local helpdesk.

black-heart, May 3, 2:21pm
Claims like what? "the unknown substance that shares the approximate colour as genuine ink, possibly blocked a nozzle."
Refills could have golden syrup in them for all the printer manufacturer, or you know.

mrfxit, May 3, 6:31pm
Current office printer is an HP Laserjet 1300n
Was told it hadn't been used for a few years & looked the part as well.
Test print was good & it had a half full toner cart in it & came with a brand new toner.
Runs fine on Win7

christin, May 4, 8:31am
id go for a laser too. and better quality ie not wet inks on paper which can be from some inkjets.

look around at specials, can be cheap. i paid $50 for my colour laser, cant moan about that!

jojo76, May 4, 11:21am
am considering laser, but id want a multifunction. Not much on trademe at the moment.
Warehouse stationery have a brother mono multifunction for $229 then $50 cashback.
Will keep looking. thanks for your advise!

mrfxit, May 4, 2:11pm
Multi function can be a sod if 1 part stuffs up in a lot of models & stop it all from working.
Applies to both types but probably more so for inkjets

mrfxit, Dec 7, 10:12pm
Canon/ Brother/ HP / Epson

NOT lexmark or other odd brands.
Seen most brands here & all Lexmark end up in the bin.
Never seen a good 1 come in yet.
The other main brands, yep mixed bag.

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