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colin433, Dec 28, 4:13pm
ok, my laptop is on W8. it's 64bit HP, was repaired last Dec and not used since. The virus protection was NORTON, but from advice on here, I switched to ESET. ESET wants norton removed.
How do I do that. It has expired, therefore do I need to uninstal it.
If so, how do I get into settings .in W7, I must be dumb.

the other question is, if I want to upgrade to W10, I believe it needs to be done pronto, how do I go about that, and is there much advantage, the laptop is only used occasionally, and mostly for watching netflix when it IS used.

Plus, to watch netflix on our smart TV, do I just connect the laptop via an HDMI cable.
or can I do it through an ethernet cable. I have ethernet, I'd need to buy an HDMI.

vtecintegra, Dec 28, 4:24pm
Yes you should uninstall Norton, instructions are here: You've already missed the free upgrade to 10 unless you're prepared to claim you need it for accessibility reasons - this can be done from here (you'll need to be quick as it's supposed to end at the end of this year)

As for Netflix any smart TV should have the app built in - no need to connect your laptop

nice_lady, Dec 28, 6:41pm
You should NOT have installed any antivirus program without getting rid of the previous one, (in this instance Norton), BEFORE you do the install. Running two antivirus programs is big NO.

mark119, Dec 29, 10:43pm
For your purpose you probably only need Windows Defender which comes in Win 8 and Win10. As stated above use only one antivirus meaning if you are going to use ESET disable Window Defender as well.

mark119, Dec 29, 10:49pm
If the "smart" TV doesn't connect directly to Netflix then providing your home wifi is up to it I would use a Chromecast to cast (Netflix) to the TV, avoids tripping over a HDMI cable.

lythande1, Mar 9, 7:53am
Nortons website provides an uninstaller, use it, else leftover bits can cause PITA issues.

Win10, well, don't mind the loss of control? It will take over, prevent you from amending many things, and do a s****load of really large updates, all the time. The new versions, you can't disable it.

I'd personally stick with what you have.

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