Hidden Android Phone. How to locate in house?

mcscottwgtn, Feb 8, 8:54am
Think my flatmate (as some sore of joke) has hidden my phone after it slipped out of my pocket. It's in the house but I can't locate it. I have pulled an old phone out, charged, and funded it. Then rang my old number but I can't hear my phone vibrate (it's on silent setting most of the time). I vibrated in my pocket in the lounge just before it slipped out and became lost. I didn't have Google Locate My Phone set up as I didn't understand the feature! Have stripped the lounge and searched the house. How do I find this hidden device?

ross1970, Feb 8, 8:59am
That's been "rebranded" to: "Find my device".

mcscottwgtn, Feb 8, 9:08am
I never understand the feature. They don't make it simple enough. It's like my laptop crashes regularly, claims a diagnostic code, yet googling it won't lead to a fix.
I should just buy another phone I guess and download my backup which I think is only a week old. Did have data on the phone secured with a pin, plus a big external memory chip in it containing some photos I guess.

ross1970, Feb 8, 9:09am
Tell your flatty to fess up the location of your ph, if not - donate all their clothes to the Sallys.

mcscottwgtn, Feb 8, 9:10am
The Find My Device requires previous set up I believe. Not understanding the feature means I didn't set it up

mcscottwgtn, Feb 8, 9:12am
She got notice in that talk last night when the phone disappeared. She's left this morning before I had the brainwave of phoning my phone!
Thanks for the advice, but no re the Sallys!

king1, Feb 8, 9:17am

mcscottwgtn, Feb 8, 9:28am
That's possibly beyond me, but thank you. It was a Sony Z5 Compact of two years old. Maybe it will magically turn up later in the day. Or I'll buy a Google Pixel @ $839 for that stripped down non molested google ride

nice_lady, Feb 8, 10:14am

boby11, Feb 8, 10:39am
Start hidding their stuff like in the rubbish bin, a bit more every day

suicidemonkey, Feb 8, 11:11am
It's really not hard - you won't get very far admitting defeat and saying everything is too hard without even trying.

Go to this link (signed in to the Google account that is signed in on the phone), select the device, click "Ring".

Google makes it so simple, if you type in "Find my Phone" to Google while signed into your account, your device pops up as the first search result and you can click "Ring" right from that page.

mcscottwgtn, Feb 8, 11:21am
Thanks for the link and advice.
'Cant reach device'
Guess that means it's off or run out of battery
Will retry upon her return
Thanks again
Playing this sort of game isn't fun. Feel lost using zte fill in device. Yuck! Brought that when the Sony died in Wanaka. Zte isn't even fit as a mp3 player due to the rubbish volume - all or nothing. It would blow it's target markets ears out

mcscottwgtn, Feb 8, 11:33am
Youreekah! Great news. It's just shown itself at the gym! I'm at home and that's not my gym! Mystery.
Thank you so much for your help. Hoping it will home back home.

mcscottwgtn, Feb 8, 12:41pm
Anyway of telling if the security was breached and what activity occurred since losing it last night? It's running android 7.something

namtak, Feb 14, 5:00pm
I like the idea of torturing your flatmate until they confess to where they hid it.

gabbysnana, Feb 14, 6:22pm
Gym, stolen.

nice_lady, Jan 29, 6:18pm
If you still have the box it came in theres an IMEI number you can notify your provider of that number and they'll lock the phone so its useless and unusable as a phone in this country. The theif could still use it for other functions but not as a telephone device.

Even the original retailer might be able to provide that number if you can pin down the sale for them, (recepit etc).

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