colin433, Feb 6, 12:31pm
I bought a refurbished Ipad. Did I really need it. NO!

Well there are a few problems. It regularly says it has encountered a problem and has to restart.
Sometimes the screen goes black, and will not move at all. Turn it off, turn it on, and it opens at the same crashed page, then eventually comes back to life.
I can get onto facebook, and I can play my favourite game (euchre) without getting out of bed

When I click on 'mail' it asks me to subscribe to Itunes,

When I try to get onto trade me it tells me my password is wrong, but it's the one I have recorded. I don't want to change it, because then I'd have to change my computer and laptop.

Any suggestions.

Answers to all, or any of these problems would be appreciated.

colin433, Feb 6, 12:35pm
Oh, and one other thing.
I think the map app is marvellous (if we were ever to travel anywhere) but how can you read the instructions when not connected to wifi,
I just get a message to connect to wifi

black-heart, Feb 6, 12:39pm
Did you buy it from apple? How long ago, apple refurbished units have a 1 year warranty.

king1, Feb 6, 12:43pm
your trademe credentials are wrong, either remember the password or change it - they are your only real options

if it needs wifi, Its needs wifi. A lot of help files are simply links to web pages these days

nice_lady, Feb 6, 12:46pm
your password might be auto capitalizing

colin433, Feb 6, 2:56pm
On my computer, my password is remembered, I wrote it down, used the same one on my laptop and it worked. I haven't changed it since.
Darned if I know what has happened
It's one I use all the time, with several variations when numbers are required, or a capital, but this one is straight lower case, 12 letters
I don't WANt to change it, but looks like I might have to.

colin433, Feb 6, 2:58pm
No, I bought it from a firm I deal with a lot online (Off The Back). A very reputable furm that has lots of stuff quite cheap. This is an Ipad mini 1
cost me $249. They do give a warranty, I think I might have to contact them.
I'm not happy about it crashing. if that describes the screen going black, or freezing

vtecintegra, Feb 6, 3:02pm
You paid that much for a first gen iPad mini? I?

spyware, Feb 5, 7:55pm
Well and truely screwed.

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