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colin433, Dec 23, 8:09pm
When my computer has done an upgrade and needs turning on again, or if I've done a virus check etc. Or a variety of other things, a few odd things start happening.
Such as. The @ and the " are transposed, in fact i started it up again this morning and it's still in that mode.
So lets try another one, I'll hit the hash key sign, see what happens. £. yep, got a pound sign, so where would I get the hash key when it's behaving like this, or how can I send it back to the mode I want. Just went through and ~ came up on the backwards slash key.
The other thing is, that until it gets it A into G, it's terribly slow to boot up, or to respond to say the EDGE icon on the tool bar.
Because it is so slow to start up, I don't turn it off unless instructed to do a reboot, it just goes to sleep, and on the keyboard is a moon picture that I touch to bring it back to life.

Then there are the occasions when I leave it to turn itself off and next morning it's totally dead and I have to hold the on/off button continuously till it will wake up, THEN it goes through it's go slow range of tricks.

It's an HP all in one, with a lot of memory to spare as I don't save much these days, just play euchre, go on facebook, and read emails.

Mrs C.

king1, Dec 23, 8:30pm
keyboard issues are because the keyboard layout is set to british english rather than US english.

Try here - US is what you need

nice_lady, Dec 23, 8:51pm
The keyboard issue is nothing much - King1 has the answer there it's simplicity itself.

As for the machine going slow when it starts up 'properly' well, you say it's got a lot of 'memory left' - yeah Nah actually that's not memory that's storage space. Quite a different thing. And not relevant particularly to your issues. The REAL memory is the RAM. How much is installed ?

Also how much crap do you have running at system startup ?
Open up Task manager then click 'more info' then click 'startup tab then use RIGHT mouse button to weed out most of the rubbish in there. That should help. What antivirus do you have ? If more than one that's not good.

Open task manager - how ? Easy hold alt key and ctrl key at the same time as you click Del key.

colin433, Dec 24, 7:31am
thanks people, but what I want to know is why do the keys change around, then go back to normal. last night i left the computer to put itself to bed, and this morning @,# and " are back in their normal place, and will remain there till I do another reboot. So I no longer have a pound sign. no problem
so that's problem #1 not explained, or solved, but in it's own way the computer has solved it temporarily.

nice_lady, Dec 24, 7:40am
hmm if i"m undstanding you correctly when the computer does a 'proper' reboot then it defaults to UK setting. However if you were to Hibernate it that shouldn't happen. Have you done as King1 said and deliberately 'set' the system to US rather than UK for the keyboard ?
If not then do it.

colin433, Dec 24, 7:40am
nice_lady, I was amazed at the length of the list of the stuff in the task manager.
I don't understand many of the items, I do know that the last update that windows did, it took about three hours and to my unintelligent brain, there was no noticable difference, except poor performance till I did a malaware scan. as suggested on here by some lovely person.
one of the things I noticed on the list in task manager was drop-box. I don't physically use drop-box, does it operate for certain tasks without being told.
There are a zillion things listed, what, if any of them do I need, and can I disable most of them without affecting the performance of the machine. AND if so, HOW?
WHY do all these damned thiings need to be there.
Thankyou for your help, I hope there is more to come, as I haven't actually resolved anything yet, but a lot has been revealed to me.
I could copy and paste the long list to you if that would help.
As for the specs of the machine, when I was using re-image, it always gave a list of what my computer had, compared to others, and mainly, it appeared, my machine was superior. (I paid about $1500 for it a year ago)
How do I get to the specs, to inform you what this machine has got

nice_lady, Dec 24, 8:45am

king1, Dec 24, 10:06am
in the keyboard language settings, remove the UK keyboard layout - you only need one and it should normally be US

king1, Dec 24, 10:09am
rather generic advice but download malwarebytes and a full scan with it - will give an indication of any problems in that department

free version is all you need HDsentinel is another useful one to run for the HDD status - standard version

nice_lady, Dec 24, 11:08am
No it doesn't and yet someone has installed it at some time. However if you don't need it then right click it and 'disable'. make sure you are in the 'startup' tab on task manager ok.

Also if you can - post us some screen shots of that startup list .

Heres most of mine:

See, i'm on the 'startup' tab
Look how many are disabled. Unnecessary crap.
You can disable stuff by RIGHT click one time on them - you'll get a menu.

Once you've weeded out most of the rubbish restart the computer 'properly'.

cookee_nz, Dec 24, 9:44pm
Something worth checking, it's an All in One, often they have a wireless keyboard, are the batteries in the Keyboard (and Mouse) good?

harrymay, Mar 12, 7:59pm
Run the Junk and Registry cleaner in this And run the default scan in this

Note that Antimalware software owned by Malwarebytes have blacklisted the later, not as a 'virus' but rather 'potentially unwanted program'

Malwarebytes and iobit run nearly the same engine except that iobit will reveal and delete cookies that companies pay Malwarebytes to whitelist. Also when iobit first started it would list possible registry errors, at this time Malbytes hid their unlock key in the registry so a lot of iobit users got Malbytes for free. Malbytes is still getting revenge on iobit.

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