Shifting modem due to reno.

bennybullet, Jun 12, 10:09pm
We are doing a reno in kitchen/lounge and i wish to move modem down to bedroom. Would i need to install a double plug for sky to run off same or would it interfere with internet? Or how do I go about it so that I can have internet and sky. Thanks

black-heart, Jun 12, 10:39pm
ADSL? You only need sky on the phoneline if you are ordering pay per view events. Regardless you probably need a filter (assuming theres no external splitter). which you should already have and they are marked which port is for for DSL / Phone.

nice_lady, Jun 13, 5:04am
If the sky phone connection is in the bedroom then you don't need to 'install' any kind of double plug you can simply buy a double phone adaptor for about $5. Just use a filter on the sky connection, as you should already be doing.

nice_lady, Nov 8, 5:12pm
As mentioned by black-heart you only need the sky plugged into the phone line if you use it to purchase upgrades or pay per view events . Ours for example has never been plugged into the phone line.

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