Looking at buying a colour laser printer

eagles9999, Jul 15, 3:35am
Looking at buying a colour laser printer Can anybody recommend something in the low to medium price bracket? Or should I buy a high quality inkjet?

eagles9999, Jul 15, 3:39am
Thinking a Canon 5000 series....any comments or other suggestions.

_sexylady_, Jul 15, 4:03am
Dont forget to compare price of consumables as that is the on going costs to run.

_sexylady_, Jul 15, 4:22am
Maybe look into the Brother HL4040CN it is slightly more but has $100 cash back June & July, toners are quite a bit cheaper so lower on going costsAnd it also comes network ready.

eagles9999, Jul 15, 5:35am
Thanks I appreciate the information. I see digital shop has it at $528 do you think the $100 cashback would still apply? What about the HL 2700?

_sexylady_, Jul 15, 5:49am
It says June July for cash back, so i would certainly phone and ask before July ends.

eagles9999, Jul 15, 5:53am
Do you know whats the difference between the 4040 and the 2700?

_sexylady_, Jul 15, 6:31am
Hmmm 2700 print speed in colour is 8 pages per min 4040 is 20 pages per min for both colour & black & white. The 4040 is the current model, the 2700 is not, other than tha unless i went through every specification one by one i couldn

eagles9999, Jul 15, 10:36pm
Thanks for that. I rang the local Warehouse Stationery and they have a good deal on those (4040) which is not much more than the best price on Pricespy and the $100 does apply I think.

_sexylady_, Jul 15, 10:42pm
Well if it was me i would buy the 4040....

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