Sonoff switch not pairing

duncb, Jun 14, 1:45pm
I have just bought a sonoff switch from overseas and it refuse to pair. Have looked up problem solving for these but none of it has helped. I can't see it in my phones wireless list. Anyone have ones of these that can help me

king1, Jun 14, 2:23pm
I don't have one but pairing is a bluetooth concept and they don't look like they are bluetooth. I only see mention of wifi.

Have you installed the app mentioned in the instructions, probably your best bet

king1, Jun 14, 2:28pm
This looks relevant
2)Long press the ?

duncb, Jun 14, 2:36pm
Yes I have followed instructions. Tried switching to plane mode and switching wireless on / Tried other phone etc all to no avail.

king1, Jun 14, 3:54pm
perhaps give us some more details on the steps you've taken, and at what point in the setup process it is failing. Otherwise its just guesswork. But plane mode should be off and wifi should be on.

king1, Jun 14, 3:58pm
and if it is not showing up in the wifi list it would suggest that the sonoff is not ready to connect. so revisit the the 'long press' and the green LED status

duncb, Jun 14, 4:10pm
I am getting closer I finally did get something to happen. It was not showing the Sonoff in the wireless connection but it did appear in AP mode. It paired. The sonoff now has blue light happy mode. But it is now not paired with phone :(

king1, Jun 14, 4:20pm
so if the sonoff is not paired with the phone it might be connected to the router which i believe is the end goal. have you checked for it in the app?

duncb, Jun 14, 4:31pm
Pretty sure it is connected to the router. Will check ip addresses on router in a moment. No much good however at the moment as it it not showing in the app

king1, Jun 14, 4:44pm
phones connected to wifi I presume, and it will probably need to be searched for in the app, for it to be added. by the sound of it it doesn't just show up magically, but its a bit hard to tell with the instructions given

king1, Jun 14, 4:45pm
try this for IDing network devices

I'm assuming android - not sure they do an ios app

duncb, Jun 14, 5:53pm
Yes it is now connected to the router but it is not paired with the phone app

remmers, Jun 14, 6:11pm
I have a few of these devices, they are very good. I pair using the ewelink app on my iPhone. You have to download the app and pair using the app if you want the control on your phone.

duncb, Nov 7, 5:05am
Finally it is going:) Not quite sure what I did differently

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