Apple Pencil-Thoughts?

nzdoug, Aug 31, 10:19am
My 6 month old pup thinks they are delicious.
He first ate the little battery charger cap.
I was looking for it when I spotted a little thing that looks like a magnet on the rug.
Then I strangled the rest of the cap out of his sharp little jaws.
He got the main pencil body a couple of weeks later.
There his no place to store the apple pen unless its connected to a 3rd party case.
Mine is a Griffen Survivor but the pen can get dislodged going in and out of back packs and the like.
You can charge it in the Apple Pro but its just sticks out and is vulnerable to knocks.
I dont like the adapter to charge it on a Apple lightning connector.
You think it would contact or proximity charge.
Good tool but needs an update.
Will buy another.

emmerson1, Sep 6, 12:15am
Get a Samsung Note. The stylus goes *inside*.

It makes me wonder - was Steve Jobs always breaking his fingers on things or losing them?

nzdoug, Sep 6, 6:40am
There are soe cool drawing programs for iPad like Procreate.

black-heart, Sep 6, 7:05am
Sounds like training your dog would be a better step than any technical solution.

sw20, Sep 6, 7:23am
This. If you are changing your behaviour around the house to suit an animal you are doing t wrong.

nzdoug, Sep 6, 7:33am
Puppyhood is a trying ordeal.
I am trying to get Apple to improve their product.
Wireless charging would be good and a built in pen holder would be a plus.
Apple Pencil is a powerful tool like Adobe Illustrator or "in deign but at 1% of the price.

nzdoug, Sep 6, 9:10am
A link.
Its amazing`

suicidemonkey, Sep 7, 8:49pm
I bought a pencil from Warehouse Stationery for 45c

emmerson1, Sep 7, 10:31pm
I use Sketchbook on Android, but i see it is in the App store as well. Maybe not as powerful, but FREE!

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