Microsoft edge for windows 10

geek_irishnz1, Sep 2, 2:43 pm
pros and cons of using this and what others would you recommend

geek_peanuts37, Sep 2, 2:56 pm
I don't use it, never have but have used this for a few years without problems.

geek_r.g.nixon, Sep 2, 3:09 pm
Recommend using Brave (fastest), but use Firefox (best add-ons) when Brave isn't good enough.

geek_peanuts37, Sep 2, 3:14 pm
Ice Dragon uses Firefox add ons.

geek_irishnz1, Sep 2, 3:59 pm
looked up about Firefox reviews said it has a lot of issues have you found this

geek_mr-word, Sep 2, 4:24 pm
You can cast sites without chromecast support to alternative DLNA devices.
Anycast or miracast such as If a site supports chromecast casting from edge doesn't work. i.e
It is important to note firefox doesn''t have casting support.

geek_black-heart, Sep 2, 4:42 pm

geek_r.g.nixon, Sep 2, 5:04 pm
They all have lots of issues.

geek_nice_lady, Sep 2, 8:51 pm
Meh - use whatever you like. Theres no 'requirement' to use Edge or any other browser. You can have 25 different browsers installed if you wanted to - and use them all.

geek_nice_lady, Sep 3, 8:50 am
FF is my browser of choice mostly and it's fine ATM. It did seem to have some issues a little while ago with 'slowness' to open but now it's much better. Hubby reckons it's the best it has been for a while. It's a work in progress and always will be - like all software.

geek_jeffm13, Sep 7, 8:47 pm
Sometimes I cannot select text in Edge. I'm always switching between browsers anyway. Edge has Skype integration now and Bing is not bad.

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