Mrfxit "Oh dear, been saving those for years, "

cptdarling, Jul 29, 4:12pm
"Where do I get the little mount and screw? Didn't get any with 2nd hand MB."
"Oh dear, been saving those for years,
Tho, Nice kits available on amazon"

Well? List some so I can buy some.

asmawa1, Jul 29, 5:52pm
.3 stand-offs are perhaps not .2 stand-offs, if that is a critical point of difference ?

cptdarling, Jul 29, 8:26pm
Is the .3/.2 the threaded stem thickness? If so yes. The m.2 stand off mount is completely different from the standard MB stand off.

lythande1, Oct 4, 8:55pm
Most tech shops have loads of them, just go in to one and ask if you can by a few.
You don't need to be picky about thickness, it's the height that matters.
Also they don't come with motherboards - they come with the case.

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