Prepaid Talk & Text?

kew, Mar 17, 2:42pm
Do any of the mobile data providers have a prepaid plan (not pay monthly) for just text and data? I thought Skinny had this but having trouble finding it. Thanks

nice_lady, Mar 17, 3:17pm

nice_lady, Mar 17, 3:18pm

kew, Mar 17, 3:22pm
Thanks for those, but they are still tied to weekly/monthly renewals. I am after the original prepay, say $10.00 and you don't have to top again until you have used the credit up, or after 12 months, whichever comes first.

suicidemonkey, Mar 17, 3:27pm
No. you can't go on a $10 "plan" that lasts 12 months.

You can go on oldschool prepay, but the rates are high. 20c per text, 20c per MB of data on Skinny.

Edit: Worth noting the 2Degrees monthly prepay plans (starting at $9) have carryover data/mins that last for a year.

kew, Mar 17, 3:37pm
That look like what I am after, but I have only managed to locate the $9.00 per month prepay. Any chance of a link for this? Thanks

vtecintegra, Mar 17, 3:39pm

Anyway the title says you want talk and text but your message says text and data. Which one is it?

E. On Skinny choose sign up then 'continue without a combo'

kew, Mar 17, 3:44pm
Whoops, sorry about that. I am after Talk and Text, no data.

suicidemonkey, Mar 17, 3:52pm
You could try Warehouse Mobile, credit lasts 90 days and the rates are 2c per text and 4c per minute. Much cheaper than Skinny. Otherwise Skinny is 20c for texts and 20c per minute, but credit lasts 1 year.

lilyfield, Mar 17, 4:18pm
Vodaphone 20 $ per year, text one cent. Does me nicely, data turned off.

suicidemonkey, Mar 17, 4:21pm
Might be an old plan that's no longer offered to new customers, no mention of it on their website from what I can see.

kew, Mar 17, 4:26pm
Thanks suicidemonkey, the Skinny one was exactly what I was after.

lilyfield, Mar 17, 6:26pm
still available, just renewed in DEC

suicidemonkey, Mar 17, 6:29pm
As an existing customer yes. But as I said, not on their website. At least I can't see it.

lilyfield, Mar 17, 8:34pm
Ask in shop, new customer friend also bought it recently

gag5, Mar 17, 8:41pm
they don't always advertise those plans, but is available - just have to ask.

trad, Mar 18, 1:12pm
Do you have talk as well? If so, how much per minute please?

lilyfield, Mar 18, 4:44pm
20 cents a minute so I never talk, just text

rayonline_tm, Mar 18, 9:03pm
Yea . but OP wants something you don't need to pay every month. When you stop paying your carried over units are suspended.

rayonline_tm, Mar 18, 9:04pm
Yup, my mum is with Skinny $5/yr she uses Wechat whatsapp etc at home.

suicidemonkey, Jan 7, 9:42pm
Ahh yep good point. I think OP found what they're after anyway.

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