Chromecast disconnecting wifi

lexbex, Feb 7, 2:39pm
Does anyone know what I can do to make Chromecast work. The odd time I get it to work it disconnects other devices from Wi-Fi. Today Chromecast wouldn't connect at all and still disconnected everything else.

nice_lady, Feb 7, 2:41pm
We have two and never any issue.
Try setting your wifi to a different channel.

lexbex, Feb 7, 2:46pm
How do I do that? I'm scared of mucking everything up.

ross1970, Feb 7, 2:46pm
It's maybe flooding your network with mdns broadcast traffic. Know issue.

lexbex, Feb 7, 2:47pm
I have no idea what that means sorry

ross1970, Feb 7, 2:49pm

lexbex, Feb 7, 2:52pm
Thank you. Will take a look.

ross1970, Feb 7, 2:53pm

lexbex, Feb 7, 2:53pm
My chrome cast isn't built in.

lexbex, Feb 7, 3:00pm
Thank you ross1970. seems not a lot I can do until Google sort it out.

ross1970, Feb 7, 3:00pm
Funnily a standalone Chromecast is also referred to as a Chromecast built-in device lol. For the record, check the firmware version of your Chromecast.

ross1970, Feb 7, 3:02pm
A fix has been released I think so as per my above post check your chromecast is on the latest firmware. It should be, they auto update .

lexbex, Feb 7, 4:49pm
Thank you ross1970. Will check it out

nzlady2, Feb 9, 1:54pm
Do you mean you have two chromecasts? We have one TV upstairs and one downstairs and I would like to use the chrome cast on each one without having to unplug it each time depending on what TV is being used.

nice_lady, Feb 9, 2:07pm
yeah we have two chromecasts. One on the lounge Tv, which is actually a smart tv but I find the chromecast has greater functionality and one on the bedroom tv . Very easy to setup.

mark119, Feb 1, 4:49pm
I';ve had a similar problem in the past (devices disconnecting), the issue was ip address conflicts on the LAN. From memory the Chromecast likes to stick with the ip address it is issued with by the router on initial setup. Try giving the Chromecast a static ip address in the router.

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