Forgotten gmail password.

lovelurking, Jun 26, 4:52pm
Hello everyone,

My husband has forgotten his gmail password and we are having no luck trying to recover it.

We are logged in on the iPad but can?

cptdarling, Jun 26, 5:03pm
Did you click on the "forgot password?" . If you had setup the recovery email you should be able to reset the password from there.

lovelurking, Jun 26, 5:13pm
Hi cptdarling,

Daughter has tried that many times but gets a message saying they cant verify it?

nice_lady, Jun 26, 5:22pm
please try again and post the EXACT steps you do
and the EXACT 'error' message(s)

lovelurking, Jun 26, 5:33pm
Thanks nice lady,
Daughter has had to go to an appointment, we will sit down together in the morning and go through it and report back precisely what we do. it?

vtecintegra, Jun 26, 5:41pm
If you haven't set up a recovery email address or phone number then that's it for that account. There is a reason why Google keeps prompting you to add them if you haven't done so.

black-heart, Jun 26, 6:02pm
Theres no technical solution to being a dumb ass who cannot remember a password. Not after the fact anyway.
You could check your browsers (chrome, firefox, safari) saved passwords. Use a password manager like lastpass, or dashlane. (not much use at this point).

lovelurking, Jun 26, 6:07pm
I said to my daughter old people shouldn?

lovelurking, Jun 26, 6:35pm
Yes, might need my son for that one, he has more idea than the rest of the family put together!

lythande1, Jun 26, 7:19pm
To reset your forgotten Gmail password and recover access to your account:

Make sure you either:
Have a secondary email address specified for your Gmail account; or
Have not logged into your Gmail account for 5 days.
Click Forgot password? on Gmail's log-in page.
If prompted, type your full Gmail email address over Enter your email on the Account support page.
Click Next.

Gmail will now ask a number of questions to try to establish you as the owner of the account. For each question:

Enter your answer as well as you can and click Next or
Click Try a different question if you cannot answer or do not have access to the resource ?

lythande1, Jun 26, 7:20pm
Speak for yourself, some of us old people had extensive IT careers, others invented it all.

lovelurking, Oct 29, 8:54pm
Thank you Lythande, will give that a go tomorrow.
Sorry I offended you.

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