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b.chapman, Jun 7, 11:31am
I have two PCs in different parts of my house. Each PC has a Google Drive. Both have the same G Mail address. Is there a way to have a common Google Drive seen by both PCs? I have checked Google FAQs but they do not seem to cover this situation.

johotech, Jun 7, 12:03pm
Look up Google Drive File Stream
It can easily be setup on two PCs.

csador, Jun 7, 1:24pm
pretty sure file stream is for g-suite only isnt it?

b.chapman, Jun 7, 4:20pm
I use an old version of MS Office on both machines. However, any file I open would be saved back in the same location so it would not be open concurrently. Does this make any difference.

king1, Jun 7, 4:27pm
Resilio sync might do what you want, just keeps two folders on different machines in sync. I just use the free version

johotech, Jun 7, 8:04pm
Ah, ok. I just follow the upgrade instructions. Didn't take much notice of why it came through.

johotech, Jun 7, 8:05pm
I can still access as well. And that should be available from any PC you're logged into.

loud_37, Jun 7, 8:48pm
Wouldn't just a simple network shared folder which each PC's google drive is pointed at do the job?

black-heart, Jun 7, 9:24pm
doesn't the personal 'backup and sync' do it? Install it on both PC's and any changes will sync.

emmerson1, Jun 7, 11:36pm
I don't understand. You should only have one Google Drive, and they both should be accessing that. I have some problems with Microsoft's OneDrive, where one machine happily shows me the bare sync folder on it's HDD instead of my on-line files.

b.chapman, Jun 9, 4:16pm
Thanks Johotech. Did as you suggested in #7 and can see downstairs PC from that link on the upstairs PC but not by using the link in "C:/users/xxx/Google Drive". Should I use the link in #7 for both PCs?
Please forgive my lack of knowledge.

morticia, Jun 9, 4:42pm
Mine don't care which PC I log in from, I still see the same files I have uploaded online regardless. I don't run the backup/synch locally on any machine, just upload from whichever machine has the content when I want.

loud_37, Jun 9, 5:11pm
I thought the OP was talking about the files that are stored on the PC not in the cloud and rather than having duplicates on both PC's they just wanted a common shared folder accessed by both PC's. Thats why I suggested a network share which both PC's google drive files are stored in and then that is sync to the cloud.

johotech, Jun 9, 10:25pm
I think that user location is the local copy if you're using the desktop app.
I'm not an expert at setting it up with the desktop app.

The link I used is directly to the cloud copy. That will update for any PC or device you use. But you may have the desktop app setup differently.

There's some information here.

b.chapman, Nov 9, 8:45pm
Thanks again Johotech. I will examine that link.
Thanks everyone for you help.

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