Wildflower mindfulness, no sound

omaria, Mar 12, 9:50am
All other sound on iPad programma?

king1, Mar 12, 10:01am
other than the obvious, check the volume is turned up and turn off the ipad, your best be is probably to contact the developers to let them know and see if they have any suggestions.

omaria, Mar 12, 12:06pm
It used to work fine so something with my settings but not sure what i need to set. Volume is on and why would I turn off the ipad?

suicidemonkey, Mar 12, 12:24pm
Restart the iPad. If that doesn't work, delete and reinstall the app.

smyrnia, Mar 12, 3:41pm
It's gone zen and is now the sound of one hand clapping

ronaldo8, Mar 18, 8:38pm
Isn't that a paid subscription upgrade?

omaria, Jan 7, 7:13pm
No ronald I have it free for 1 year, still valide till June

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