Ok, recommendations for my S5 android phone

45central, Mar 11, 10:24am
Im on Spark network and not changing.
My needs are simple, but must have
Hotspot capability - rarely mentioned in specs
$4-600 range
Not brand specfic but Im android familiar
Smooth functionally,- despite restarting my S5 the phone sometimes takes 3-5 seconds to load up things like camera, some apps or email

As an aside, what are Lite phones all about.

Prop heads - troll elsewhere.

duncb, Mar 11, 1:06pm
Why not do a factory reset on your existing S5 phone. That should solve the delays you are having. All new android phones do hotspot.

vtecintegra, Mar 11, 1:26pm
Hotspot isn?

nice_lady, Mar 11, 2:08pm
"what are Lite phones".
Maybe you mean Lte?

nice_lady, Mar 11, 4:18pm
ah of course.

45central, 4 days, 21 hours
Update -ive bought a 2hd S7 Edge.

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