How to Store Stations in a Sony Radio

johnhb, Jan 9, 9:29am
I have an "old" (i.e. more than a year. ) Sony radio- model FH-414 that I have in the garage. Goes like a rocket. but. after tuning it to the station I want when I switch it off, it won't store/ retain the station. Top right of it there are twelve buttons, 1-9 and 0 as well as "memory" and "enter" and it touts itself as storing "up to 25 stations". Clearly it's all about the sequence- if I have it on the station I want, does anyone know whether I would then select one of the buttons,. say "1", then "memory" then "enter" or would there be another sequence?
Being the age it is I've spent 30 minutes in the garage and the heat trying to find a Sony support group before giving up (may be my age. ).
Can anyone help with what is probably a very basic process- once you know what it is. ? Or does anyone know where I would find a manual for the beast? Thanks in advance

gyrogearloose, Jan 9, 10:38am
page 12 describes setting the memory:

sideshowbob96, Nov 9, 5:56pm
am guessing,
1. tune into the radio station you want.
2. press memory
3. press what number you want that station to be on. (1-9)

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