Computer icons too big

brett21, Mar 31, 10:49am
Started yup my computer and everything is too big blurry. Tried
right click mouse and then view small icons, but it still doesnt look right. Is their something in control panel i can go to fix the problem. Ive open up firefox to write this and it's looks wrong, its like the page has has been iron out.

peanuts37, Mar 31, 11:10am
Right click on desktop, display settings and set scale and layout to recommended.

brett21, Mar 31, 11:32am
Thanks for the tip, didnt work. everything is just still oversized.

event_horizon_1, Mar 31, 11:43am
First check the resolution of the monitor is set to recommended resolution in display settings.
Then check if the display drivers have uninstalled themselves.
In the search bar type in device manager, click on it then expand display adaptor and check that it is not the Microsoft basic display driver.

phalanax, Mar 31, 11:54am
Depends what op system you have . you might need to install a driver for the monitor. this used to be a common XP issue.

brett21, Mar 31, 12:08pm
Im using windows 7 if that helps. tried everywher eso far, and nothing seems to work.

king1, Mar 31, 12:22pm
what would help is providing more feedback than 'doesn't work' - perhaps take a photo of it and link to it so we can see what you see

brett21, Mar 31, 12:23pm
Basically I have tried all the tips provided. Say if i went to youtube, it looks like its in cinema mode, width way is far too long.

king1, Mar 31, 12:31pm
have you checked the driver from post#4? what is it? and what is the screen resolution you are using (from post#2)
What you are describing sounds like the screen resolution is too low and aspect ratio is out.

brett21, Mar 31, 12:49pm
Ive clicked on expand display adaptor and what comes up is.

NIVIDA GE Force 6150SE nforce 430

brett21, Mar 31, 2:29pm
Its telling me my screen is in landscape, thats the way it should be right? Not in portrait?

brett21, Mar 31, 2:48pm
Its all stretched out. Its also like some webpages look like in the early/mid 90's

king1, Mar 31, 2:56pm

brett21, Mar 31, 3:32pm
Cheers for the link, Been to that page, gives me lots of options, I use windows 7, Ive tried a couple of different ones but it comes up with input error if I try to apply it.

king1, Mar 31, 5:19pm
keep trying them - 1600x900 is reasonably common, its possibly on 1024x768.

The input error is the screen itself saying it cant handle the resolution. Wait for 15 seconds and it should revert back, then try another one.

brett21, Mar 31, 6:14pm
cheers thats for the info.

gabbysnana, Dec 30, 6:52pm
and reboot now that its totally confused.

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