Weird ipad

lilyfield, May 13, 9:20pm
When I open "stuff"" the daily quizz opens by tapping on it. Every other link to news stories will not. The progress blue line runs across, page opens, but it is blank. This started 3 days ago . My mini ipad works fine. So does the desktop.could it be a case of old age? Tablet had 6 or 7 years of plenty use.

Any idea?

lilyfield, May 13, 9:21pm
It only happens with Stuff, TM and mail etc is fine.

suicidemonkey, May 13, 10:06pm
Try reinstalling the app - if everything else is working fine, it's probably an issue with Stuff.

lilyfield, Nov 30, 3:05am
Self confessed idiot, why did I not think of this. . Thank you monkey, all is well again

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