Where to put files in a new computer

trade4us2, Jan 5, 2:17pm
The many operating systems that I have used seem to want to put files in all sorts of weird places even though I have selected what I want.
I like to have folders for documents, downloads and photos that I have taken i.e. "camera".
There is software for photos (Shotwell Photo viewer) that likes to hide the altered photos somewhere.
Screen captures seem to go somewhere else.
Sometimes a folder gets so big that it takes 30 seconds or more to open the folder.
I used to use a wonderful program called ThumbsPlus that did a good job of handling pictures, but sadly not available in Ubuntu.

Anyway, I usually give up trying to put files in some sensible order, and put something in the file name that I can search for.

I'm probably trying to handle 100,000 files. It takes hours scrolling through pictures looking for a picture that I know I have got, but can't remember the filename.

With one computer I put all new files in a new folder for each month. That may be what I should do.

andrew.t, Jan 6, 10:24am
Check the preferences/options menu of each of the software packages you are using.You should find that you can change the default saving location to where you want them to go.

I know Picasa is out of date now, but you can still download it, that has a great feature of scanning the whole drive for picture files and then you can dump the whole lot someplace else, as well as a gallery feature for over viewing the whole lot not matter where they are.

vtecintegra, Jan 6, 10:29am
Personally I use Google Photos and don't worry about manually putting in metadata. The ability to search on image content is arguably pretty creepy but inarguably useful

trade4us2, Jan 6, 11:03am
ThumbsPlus is able to search on image similarity, on photos that I have taken (and any other pictures) and that may be on an external drive that is not currently connected to my computer.
Several times when I couldn't find a photo, I have drawn what I remember of it and done a similarity search and found it.
I have ThumbsPlus on an old Win96SE machine that no longer works very well.

vtecintegra, Jan 6, 11:11am
Search on Google Photos goes way beyond that - you can type 'black cat' or 'white car' and it'll show you the pictures containing one of them

lythande1, Mar 4, 8:12am
I create my own folders, and sub-folders.

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