Connecting sound from tv to surround

shireman, May 15, 5:42pm
I have a Toshiba flat screen and wont to connect sound through to my Sanyo surround sound can someone tell me were the Jack cables go to do this please

vtecintegra, May 15, 5:46pm
Depends on what outputs you have available on the TV and what inputs you have available on the home theatre system.

shireman, May 15, 5:58pm
Okay thanku is there anyway I can send u a pic of the back of tv and home sound so u can see what I have got

spyware, May 15, 7:00pm
Upload image to TM photoserver.

ians2, May 15, 7:34pm
I use a single SPDIF (optical) cable.
But then again, my TV and AMP are equipped with that interface.

petal89, May 15, 8:42pm

petal89, May 15, 8:47pm

gazvic, May 15, 9:51pm
It's hard to tell from this pic but is that orange port an coax audio out. Also the small 3.5mm port, is that a head phone jack.
From the back of the stereo is that all the connections it has.

shireman, May 15, 10:43pm
Orange port is coaxial DVD in I think the other is sub woofer audio out there are no other connections

gazvic, May 15, 11:03pm
The only alternative is to buy a cheap freeview box and feed the video and audio through the Sanyo and bridge that to the tv's inputs. If you currently have sky tv then you can connect that the same way.

gazvic, May 15, 11:05pm
Or buy another tv with audio outputs. Very cheap these day's for a good size screen.

gyrogearloose, May 15, 11:49pm
Indeed it's hard to read the writing on the first photo, but I'd say the orange is coaxial digital audio but the 3.5mm port would be an audio input to go with the SVGA input next to it.

I'd suggest a digital audio cable from the orange port to a preamp box with a coaxial digital input such as a Topping D3, then a pair of stereo RCA leads to the stereo in the 2nd photo - probably the CD inputs.

I'm thinking this would be 'stereo' rather than 'surround' although the amplifier might do some sonic rendering.

fisherman118, Nov 28, 6:19pm
All I did was put a plug into the earphone hole on the TV and then 2 cables plugged into that, and plugged the other ends into the gaming input in the sound system great sound from the huge flat screen Veon.

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