Budget for a NEW Wordpress Website

geek_mmmail, Sep 1, 4:34 pm
In the next month or two, it's possible, I will start work on a new Wordpress site - to include people signing-up as Members - what ball park figure, all up, would I be looking at to get a professional coder build such a site for me?

I would already have purchased hosting and have already secured the domain.

Site to include
Membership [Opt-in]
a "few pages" of content
a link to an external report
disclaimer etc
a member forum is a possibility, but likely a few months later, after the site has built its online presence a bit

Thanks in advance.

geek_mrfxit, Sep 2, 10:34 am
1st up, you need some template ideas of how you want the front end to look.
A good list of sample websites with notes on what you want changed for your "look" & concepts.
DON'T pinch ideas wholesale, but feel free to learn from other sites.

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 2, 10:36 am
You don't need a 'professional coder'. What you do need is a competent designer.

geek_mrfxit, Sep 2, 10:39 am
Yep, designer 1st, then a good coder.
Once you know what look/ feel & tools you want on the site, the rest can be set up to match function.

geek_mrfxit, Sep 2, 10:43 am
Budget . . . .
$200 to $2k upwards plus maintenance on demand.

geek_mmmail, Sep 2, 11:39 am
thank you to everyone for their feedback. much appreciated!

geek_suicidemonkey, Sep 2, 4:22 pm
$2k seems cheap. I got a quote recently for a fairly basic 5 page website without anything fancy, the average quote from 3 different web design companies was $6000. That was with me providing the content and text =/

geek_mmmail, Sep 2, 4:31 pm

geek_mrfxit, Sep 3, 3:09 pm
Sounds like they didn't want your business or have a very high attitude.
Good programmers/designers often get like that.
I don't have coding skills but can probably whip up a reasonable looking basic website from any number of free creation sites & easily available programs such as Adobe CS series.
Got a couple here from Wintech CS3 days that I should pop up online just for the heck of it to see how they perform now.

geek_ross1970, Sep 3, 5:11 pm
You can't beat this for front end wow factor .
It just doesn't get better than that retro 90's feel, an xtra.co.nz email address, and using tables for layout.

geek_lythande1, Sep 5, 8:41 pm
Wordpress is a DIY kitset. Don't pay anyone, or if you want to pay for a professional site, then anyone using Wordpress isn't.

geek_mrfxit, Sep 6, 7:22 am
Would probably call Wordpress a Simi Pro/ DIY system.
Theres plenty of other genuine DIY systems out there that are rubbish compared to Wordpress.
You still need a good understanding of general programming to build a good site with it & sort out any issues.
It's also favored by Google searches which is always a good thing to have.

geek_mmmail, Sep 6, 12:40 pm
I'm pretty decent [well, half decent] on building sites with Wordpress. it's just, like most stuff in life, it's a time/work thing and obviously, some people do site building all day, every day and REALLY know their stuff!

Thanks to everyone for their feedback.

geek_mrfxit, Sep 6, 2:41 pm
Yep & you can bet the full time pros have a lot of automated tools for setting up their websites as well.
You know, bit like the same system wordpress uses (only different)

geek_newbie5, Sep 7, 1:21 pm
put a job on fivver and get it done for $5 0or ask at the local university and see if there are any it students wanting to do the job

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