2.4ghz wireless tv speaker

iluvmuse, Jul 23, 4:59pm
Looking for a wireless speaker available in NZ that can work in conjunction with a tvs inbuilt speakers, without noticeable latency.
Specifically so that someone hard of hearing can have a speaker close to them while others listen through the tvs main speakers at a moderate volume.
AFAIK that rules out bluetooth.
There are a couple of 2.4ghz options on amazon but will be pricey to ship here.

Any recommendations on a locally available product?

nice_lady, Jul 23, 6:14pm
Errrmmm why is bluetooth ruled out ? And You'd need some piece of hardware with the 2.4ghz sender in it in order to run the speakers ?

iluvmuse, Jul 23, 6:20pm
Just from what I've read bluetooth speakers will have noticeable latency when used together with inbuilt ones at the same time.

I'm after something like this but Im only finding bluetooth ones locally.

nice_lady, Oct 9, 3:16am
Hmmm. Hubby bought some wireless headphones a few years ago. He got them on TradeMe for $45. Dick Smiths tried to sell him some for $350 at the time. He got 'true' wireless not bluetooth or infrared. They came with a sender unit which plugged into the tv headphone socket or one of the output RCA sockets, (can't remember now). Anyway it worked very well except the sender used to chew thru batteries so he wired it to an adaptor. The headphones had a really good receiving range he could use them while mowing the lawn 40 metres away. They didn't interfere with the tv operation at all. Maybe you need to look around a bit more eh ?

Ps: they're also great for listening into the cops lol.

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