Restoring Macbook to factory settings before sale

spraggles, May 24, 1:29pm
So I am going to sell my macbook pro and I want to restore it to its factory settings but when I go into Disk Utility and select my hard drive, the 'erase' button is greyed out. Can someone please explain why this is? Am I doing the right thing in terms of getting rid of factory applications and all of my files?

suicidemonkey, May 24, 1:41pm
No, if you use the erase function, you'd simply be wiping the entire hard drive - operating system included.

You need to get into the recovery console by holding CMD+R as the computer is starting.

Tutorial here:

Make sure you wipe the drive before starting the reinstall, if you want to delete your person files.

Then if you have any sensitive documents, once the reinstall is complete you might want to do a free space wipe to make sure nothing can be recovered.

spraggles, May 24, 8:16pm
Hey thanks for that. How do I wipe the drive? Do I just delete all my files and then empty the trash?

suicidemonkey, Nov 21, 6:06pm
That's one way.

Easier to do it from the recovery console as mentioned above.

Once you get into the console, go into Disk Utility, and format the drive from there. Note: that will wipe everything - all of your data.

From there, do the reinstall (as mentioned in the tutorial).

If you don't have any sensitive data on your drive, you can finish here. But if you don't want anyone recovering your files, you might want to do a free space wipe (which makes it really hard for someone to recover your data).

to do this, start the computer up, sign in, and do a secure erase:

This will basically securely wipe all of the free space on the drive, which is where old files can generally be recovered from.

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