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olwen, Jun 9, 1:04pm

gsimpson, Jun 9, 1:10pm
You can get a freeview receiver locally for less than that and be simpler to use out of the box.

olwen, Jun 9, 1:14pm
I have a freeview receiver. It's doesn't offer smart tv facilities. And I don't want chromecast.

gsimpson, Jun 9, 1:16pm
The new ones can connect to wifi to offer ondemand etc

morticia, Jun 9, 1:17pm
I wouldn't. If you were planning on using the internet and Kodi anyway, get a good little SFF PC that's HDMI capable, keyboard and mouse and use the Ondemand web sites for local content and run the Freeview box along side it.

olwen, Jun 9, 1:19pm
I really don't want to buy a new TV, and don't have room for most of those that are available. My TV is HDMI capable, but has stopped obeying the remote (it's the TV, not the remote).

I think my TV is 32 inches, and it fits into some built-in cupboards. It would cost several thousand to fit a bigger TV

morticia, Jun 9, 1:21pm
Smart TV offers us nothing of interest and we don't use it on any of them, just HTPCs in each room.

morticia, Jun 9, 1:24pm
Which bit of the TV doesn't work? The AV/HDMI menu choices or other things like volume? I only use the remote for the volume and then hardly ever as all controls are on the PC and the TV is permanently set to the HDMI channel anyway.

olwen, Jun 9, 1:28pm
It does not respond to the remote. I use the freeview box to change channels and mute etc. I use the on/off switch on the TV. And occasionally I use some other buttons for menus. I have an A/V switch to access the DVD player,

olwen, Jun 9, 1:29pm
And no, it is not the batteries. I debugged that some time ago.

morticia, Jun 9, 1:38pm
Just get a another sat box like the one you posted if that's what you want, we ditched Android boxes (granted not sat connected ones because the Freeview boxes did that anyway) in favour of HTPCs because they were faster, less clunky to use and much easier to do and store many more things on. If all you want is the limited functionality of a Smart TV, there are options but for us the Android boxes weren't it long term and did not provide what we wanted so we moved on from them.

olwen, Jun 9, 1:44pm
Just re-read this. I could actually use my stupid laptop for this. Might have to try and install Mint on it. Hate the windows on it.

nice_lady, Jun 9, 1:59pm
Why not ? It's a cheap way to send anyting from many of your devices to your tv.

olwen, Jun 9, 2:00pm
Because I want to do things on my devices while watching TV

nice_lady, Jun 9, 2:18pm
What makes you think you cant ?
We have a couple of chromecasts. Probably the only time you can't use your phone or tablet while casting is when you're actually casting the screen itself rather than using youtube or some app to cast media content. If you want to cast Youtube and still use your screen you just minimise the casting and use the device. On a laptop you can cast locally saved media such as movies etc etc using say videostream or many other programs and keep using the device without interrupting the cast or you can cast webpages using chrome and keep using the device or.

nice_lady, Jun 9, 2:20pm
And you're not 'tied' physically to the Tv by an HDMI cable.

olwen, Jun 9, 2:35pm
I thought that if I was casting from my browser it would cast whatever window is open So me browsing facebook, and aliexpress and youtube and trademe and google docs would keep swapping

olwen, Jun 9, 2:36pm
I typically swap between upwards of 20 browser windows.

nice_lady, Jun 9, 2:42pm
Well open the browser, (google chrome is the one you can cast from), and cast THAT window. Then open a different window, (NOT new tab - new WINDOW), and do the 'rest' of your browsing ? Nothing difficult about that.

nice_lady, Jun 9, 2:44pm
If you're using a phone or tablet and want to cast a browser window yet continue browsing take a look at 'parallel spaces' app that'll enable you to open two sessions of the same app be it browser or whatever at the same time.

nice_lady, Jun 9, 2:47pm
Ps: I just tested this on my laptop chromecast one google chrome window to the tv, then minimised that one and opened another window it still only casts the initial window. Simple really.

axelvonduisberg, Jun 9, 2:48pm
i would be wary of buying something tv linked from the States as they use a system different to what we use here, and if you are definately not tech savvy don't buy online.

olwen, Jun 9, 2:52pm
It's not from the States. It's from China. I have a weird knowledge of tech.

stantonfield1, Jun 9, 3:21pm

nice_lady, Jun 9, 3:25pm
Actually just tested again on chrome and if you have several tabs open and cast one then thats the only one it will cast even if you switch to viewing other tabs on your laptop. You can change cast tabs as you wish.

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