Genuine notification or not?

amasser, Mar 23, 4:28pm
Grey box appears;
"We've got an update for you
Windows is a service and updates are a normal part of keeping it running securely.
We need your help installing this one.

Restart now Pick a time Snooze"

No logo (a recycling style box in the heading) and never seen a format like this. What do you think?

black-heart, Mar 23, 4:57pm
windows 10 notifications look bad don't they.
Click the start button > settings cog. go to updates

See if there is an update needing a restart.
I'm picking its legit.

amasser, Jan 5, 9:08am
It's there - '2018-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 . Thanks for that, black-heart.

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