Dongle for computer

sheryl13, Dec 4, 8:03pm
we stay out of wifi range every weekend. Is there a dongle i could buy to attach to my computer? one that I can prepay and not be on a plan?

nice_lady, Dec 4, 8:04pm
You could use your smartphone as a 'modem' for the computer to connect through.

sheryl13, Dec 4, 8:37pm
like using my phone as a hot spot? yes we tried that and wham ! all my monthy data gone

vtecintegra, Dec 4, 8:38pm
Thats just the nature of mobile data - a USB modem isn't going to change that,

nice_lady, Dec 4, 8:50pm
You're still going to have to buy data somehow. A different device won't change the amount of data you use. What you need to remember is DONT watch videos, and DEFINITELY setup the computer so it doesn't do ANY kind of updates - these can chew use massive amounts of data.

gsimpson, Dec 4, 8:57pm
The "dongle" is just like the phone without a keyboard/screen. You just need a more suitable plan with your phone.

gyrogearloose, Dec 4, 10:41pm
I'm with Two Degrees on a pre-pay plan and the data 'rolls over'.So regardless of what the monthly pre-paid plan allowance is, I've also got the rollover from previous months.

Either I can share the data from my phone, but if I don't want to share with others I've also got a dongle, and then I can put my sim in the dongle and not share with rest of the house.

ianab, Dec 4, 10:47pm
Basic answer is yes. But you need a prepay data plan with lots of data. Whether it's a dongle or a hotspot cellphone , or "Cellular broadband" on the RBI plan, you need that data allocation. A cheap prepay cellphone plan, and you can eat your monthly allocation in a day.

Here at home we are now over 200gb a month of data (kids on youtube). If you have only 5 gb of data on your cellphone, well you see the problem.

macman26, Dec 4, 11:08pm
Change the default password on your phone for sharing and you don?

nice_lady, Dec 5, 6:02am
Not really. The problem is obviously usage patterns if that's the case. We have maybe 3gb of rollover data built up on hubbys phone and that's quite sufficient for a week away - easily.

gyrogearloose, Dec 5, 8:00am
What's the point of going away for the weekend if the kids are doing the same thing they normally do, ie; veg out in front of a screen? You might as well stay home and save the petrol.

billyfieldman, Dec 5, 8:48am
Warehouse mobile $4 for 500MB. Depending on how much data you use over a weekend, worth a try.

sheryl13, Dec 7, 9:54pm
yes lol i totally see the problem, 200gb, yes we just up it to 120 and still run out gurr, kids and you tube exactly.

sheryl13, Dec 7, 9:56pm
its not for the kids, its for me ;0)
its for my personal use and my work while im out at my beach bach relaxing and chilling out.

sheryl13, Dec 7, 9:57pm
oh thats sounds good. dont quite understand what you mean, i did ask at the warehouse and she sent me to noel leeming. Can you explain to me what you mean please, thanks heaps

ianab, Dec 7, 10:07pm
If it's just for that, make sure you cellphone is on a plan with a decent data allocation (and warns you when you run out) and switch on the mobile hotspot function, with a password of course.

This basically turns your phone into a wifi router that can serve several other devices. (Hence the password)

Speed depends on the cellphone signal, and "other stuff", but as long as you can get signal you can check emails / facebook / weather etc and only use 10s of mb of data.

Might pay to go into the machines network setting though and tell it that you are on a metered connection. Then it wont randomly go off and start downloading a 4gb Windows update as machines are prone to do. The computer can't tell the cellphone wifi from your home wifi, it appears as a similar system.

terry012, Dec 12, 12:43pm
just enjoy the weekend away from the computer. Try it sometime. works wonders

nice_lady, Dec 12, 12:58pm
It means you buy a warehouse connection card which can be prepaid and loaded for you to use in a cellphone. Why the lady sent you to noel leamings is probably because the warehouse don't sell 'dongles' of the type you think you need. You don't need a dongle, as several people have stated just use a cellphone with the correct data allowance.

sheryl13, Dec 14, 9:50pm
yep bought myself a new samsung 8 with 64g should do the trick ;0)

nice_lady, Dec 15, 5:57am
errr yeah that will work fine for tethering.

sheryl13, Dec 23, 5:25pm
well didnt work so well because it has worst reception than my samsung 5 ! no better off for data sharing gurrrr

nice_lady, 6 days, 19 hours
and what provider are you using ?
You may very well find that a different provider has better cell signal locally to you. You can generally check this out on the web.

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