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mark.p, Jul 18, 11:10pm
Very close. A 6 system pack.

supernova2, Jul 18, 11:35pm
I think that HN would have to take it back as they sold a product that the buyer did not need. Unless they buyer went in and said I want a computer, antivirus for 6 and Works then anything sold on the recomendation of HN has to be fit for the buyers purpose. Clearly a 6 pack is not fit for purpose for 1 machine.
HN have apparently taken the Works back - not fit for customers purpose so they have already acknowledged that they (HN) stuffed up. Get you Sis to go get her money back.

csador, Jul 19, 1:56pm
oh man, my head hurts reading all this.

mark.p, Jul 19, 2:12pm
Should be easy to sort out.

urbanrefugee54, Jul 20, 6:33pm
took it back to HN & they refunded what a 1 pack would have cost [didn't have another than the 6 or more in stock] - they said the packaging was bent back & the code could have been read. thing is I have been the one handling it & I know I hadn't tried to sneak peek as we were told not a good idea to put it on. anyway it didn't cost $259. I think it was $129. & once license was $59. thought they were outright refusing & was just about to walk out. but then we were both flying to chch that afternoon & it was an added complication.

urbanrefugee54, Jul 20, 6:34pm
we paid what a 1 pack would have cost.

nice_lady, Jul 20, 6:39pm
Your sister bought a 6 pck for the price of a 1pck and HN refunded it in the end ?

Anyway, lesson learnt. ALL of you who don't know - do a bit of research BEFORE you go into the crocodile jaws, (otherwise known as Big Box Retail Stores).

ASK here is a damn good place to start, and just like any other retail situation - if you don't know anything about the product on offer and or don't understand it - DON'T F'n buy it - DOH !

urbanrefugee54, Jul 21, 10:43am
I thought I had - but in total my sister has bought 3 laptops - 1 2nd hand & turned out to have wifi problems - 2nd Acer & due to model she wanted was out of stock they sold her a notebook with no disc access [she needs as has photos etc on disc] and memory so bad it can hardly run itself. & now the Levono and is having lessons on it & putting files on. other note book I will see if memory can be upgraded & it can go to mum to play cards on & have photos [of us] on it - we went to Harvey Norman because it's close & she has walking issues.

king1, Jul 21, 11:22am
until you need to renew it, then they get you.

mark.p, Jul 21, 11:28am
The 2nd hand laptop wifi problem can be easily sorted with a pretty cheap wifi usb dongle.

black-heart, Jul 21, 2:08pm
all in all another happy customer, see you @ harvey normans again next weekend.

vtecintegra, Jul 21, 2:53pm
She almost certainly doesn't. CD/DVD drives are very niche on laptops now and it's only very low end models that still have them.

mark.p, Jul 21, 3:14pm
USB CD/DVD drives are easy enough to get.

mr-word, Jul 21, 3:20pm

She has to contact customer service to arrange a refund.

nice_lady, Jul 21, 3:29pm
NO she should be able to get a refund direct from the retailer who sold it. AS the item was definitely 'unfit for purpose' the CGA overrules any silly 'rules' Hn's or Trend or anyone else might try on.

mark.p, Jul 21, 3:31pm
Too late its been sorted.

mark.p, Jul 21, 3:50pm
Works hasn't been sold since 2009 I believe so not sure what was going on there. Anyway why bother with Office 360 or whatever when Libre Office and WPS Office are free?

nice_lady, Jul 21, 3:57pm
Yeah I concur but the thing is a lot of purchasers of this software simply don't know any better, haven't done any research nor asked questions in places such as this and therefore when they get to the Big Box Retail Store guess what happens ? The sales person convinces them they NEED Microsoft Office in one of it's many forms. Same with antivirus etc.

vtecintegra, Jul 21, 4:14pm
e. misread that. Definitely true but there is no point in using one these days with much faster and more convenient forms of storage available

nice_lady, Jul 21, 4:15pm
Well you'd use an external of you had the need and no inbuilt.
And of course the are better forms of storage now but if you have cd/DVD which needs to be read. What choice do you have?

Personally I'd copy the bloody things to something else.

vtecintegra, Jul 21, 4:16pm
Depends on your needs. If you need 100% Office compatibility you still need Office, especially for spreadsheets. If you don't then the free alternatives are just fine.

mark.p, Jul 21, 4:22pm
I don't disagree. But there are a ton of PC/Mac users that have invested quite a bit wrt CD/DVD/Blueray. External USB DVD/CD/Blue Ray players will help wrt converting those formats. You can also still buy all those formats at the likes of the WhareHouse.

urbanrefugee54, Jul 21, 4:24pm
the sales person went into the back to phone the store manager & my personal opinion is that they are the ones that bent it back so it couldn't be returned, as I was very careful with it. to tell you the truth we had more or less written it off & at least have halved the amount that is being written off.

mr-word, Jul 21, 4:59pm
I looked up msworks the last version was bought out in 2007 so I deleted the comment. The #6 comment about the works subscription, maybe urbanrefugee ment office 360 subscription not suitable instead of works subscription because works is obsolete software, I'd think free office software would be better as well.

mrfxit, Jul 21, 5:00pm
Which is great if your files/photos etc are already on the newer media.
Bit hard to insert a cd/dvd disk in to a usb port

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